Christian REINBACHER1 / Manuel HOFER1 / Christian MOSTEGEL1 / Craig ALEXANDER2 /Gert HOLLER3 / Thomas HÖLL3 / Axel PINZ3
(1Institute of Computer Vision and Graphics, Graz University of Technology, Austria / 2McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge, UK / 3Institute of Electrical Measurement and Measurement Signal Processing, Graz University of Technology, Austria)

The video shows the 3D scanning of a large rock panel in Valcamonica (Seradina I rock 12C, approx. 20 x 20m), performed within the European 3D-Pitoti project. The rock is scanned at two spatial scales, at a mid-level by an unmanned aerial vehicle, and at a micro level, by a novel, custom developed micro-range rock-art scanner. A novel on-line structure-from-motion pipeline provides online user feedback about already scanned areas and expected coverage by a sufficient number of images. The micro-range scanner can reconstruct surface geometry in 3D up to approx. 0.1mm, and radiometric surface properties beyond phototexture by using bright custom illumination and a novel frame differencing principle.

Acknowledgements: The research leading to these results has received funding from the EC FP7 project 3D-PITOTI (ICT-2011-600545). We thank MiBACT-SBA Lombardia and the Parco Archeologico Comunale di Seradina-Bedolina for permission to scan at Seradina I rock 12C.