Alessandro CAMIZ, Istanbul, Turkey | November 17, 2021


First International blended conference, on 

Pandemics and Urban Form, PUF2022,
April 28th-30th 2022, Istanbul, Turkey
Pandemics and the changing built environment

Learning from history, planning our future

Conference track 1: Learning from history

  • Historical plagues and urban transformationsPandemics, territorial cycles and morphological periods
  • The Justinian plague and the collapse of classical cities
  • The black plague and the Renaissance
  • The Spanish flu and the modernist manifesto

Conference track 2: Shedding light on the contemporary world

  • The impact of the pandemics on the physical space
  • Changes in social behaviours and in the built environment 
  • Smart working and new office spaces 
  • Public health policies and their effects on the built environment
  • Virtual spaces/communications and the effects on real spaces   
  • Climate change, pollution and waste treatment
  • Online education

Conference track 3: The world is waiting for us to take action!

  • The impact of the built environment on public health
  • Design and future solutions for public health
  • Technologies, design and smart cities 
  • Architectural responses to COVID-19  
  • Hospital design and COVID-19
  • Pandemics and open spaces, roads and parks
  • New housing and building types  
  • Planning for health in the built environment
  • From global metropolis to sustainable small towns
  • Public transportation: airports, subways, train and hyperloop stations and bus terminals 

Abstract submission deadline: November 21st, 2021

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