Archaeological anthropological and forensic recording and analysis of human/animal remains.

Call for Papers

Session A6

Chairs | David BIBBY, Germany / Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium / Karen WILTSCHKE-SCHROTTA, Austria/ Raphaël PANHUYSEN, The Netherlands

Previous sessions at this conference on “Archaeology of Human remains – Burial Archaeology and Forensic Aspects” showed the potential of a forum where archaeologists, historians, fieldworkers, anthropologists and forensic scientists come together to consider aspects of dealing with the dead from various points of view. The exchange of methods, ideas and experiences proved fruitful to all present. It is therefore appropriate to continue this theme into 2014.

Papers concerning the archaeology, anthropology and forensics of human/animal remains are invited. Subjects may include burial rites ranging from prehistoric through to modern times. Graves and human/animal remains from contexts as varied as ancient cemeteries, modern municipal graveyards, mass graves of warfare or genocide, experimental archaeology, studies of taphonomic processes as well as forensic reports, modern or historical disaster or crime scenes and/or traumatology serve as examples. Analysis is this year’s main theme. The focus will therefore be on the analysis of assemblages of human remains. Ideally papers will discuss methods and concepts integrating the results of multiple disciplines. Papers addressing questions on how to apply new analytical tools like aDNA, isotopes and chemical analysis and how to evaluate the results of these methods are welcomed. What can we learn from DNA analysis? What does local mean in a provenance analysis? What can we learn from the burial record about living in the past? Papers may focus on the technology and concepts of analyzing new and old burial data, but papers presenting an overview of regional developments and trends based on the systematic analysis of burial data are also welcomed.