Call for Papers

Session A5

Chairs | Ingeborg GAISBAUER / Christoph OELLERER, Austria

Dealing with the results of old excavations means a big challenge for each scientist. Usually there is a multitude of findings to be dealt with, but the documentation tends to be somewhere between meager and simply nonexistent.

Is it still recommendable to go through the trouble of processing and publishing of old/old-fashioned excavations when ‑ at the same time ‑ resources are dwindling while archaeological activities increase?

Which are the different ways to approach this topic?

Papers for this session should either deal with the cardinal question if it is beneficial enough to be engaged in working with old-excavation data or not, or they should focus on different ways to approach this special kind of archaeological information. Different strategies in working with “old-fashioned” documentation as the main or even only source might be topic of a paper as well as processing relevant informations to make them available for a new archaeological project.