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20th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies

held in Vienna, Austria November 2015        ISBN 978-3-200-04698-6

Cover [pdf 603 kB]



Public Relations and Archaeology – Presenting Cultural Heritage in Urban Area
Chairs: Ingeborg GAISBAUER, Austria | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium

Morten Valdorff RASMUSSEN, Denmark: On-site communication, old bones and new audiences [pdf 382 kB]
Colleen MORGAN | Robert CARTER | Michal MICHALSKI, UK | Qatar : The Origins of Doha Project – Online Digital Heritage Remediation and Public Outreach in a Vanishing Pearling Town in the Arabian Gulf [pdf 699 kB]
Matthias PACHER, Austria: The museum of prehistory MAMUZ as a cultural touristic impulse for a rural area in Lower Austria [pdf 783 kB]
Carmen LOEW, Austria: Examples for Stakeholder Values in Hallstatt-Research [pdf 169 kB]
Elisabeth MONAMY, Austria: Experience archaeology or bringing archaeology to a wider public [pdf 141 kB]
Nadja DEBENJAK | Kaisa MÄKI-PETÄJÄ, Austria: Revealing hidden histories with modern technology – Archaeological Information Systems and geolocalisation [pdf 824 kB]

Conflict as Cultural Heritage: Cultural Heritage in Conflict
Chair: Stephen STEAD, UK

Max VAN DER SCHRIEK, The Netherlands: Dutch Military Landscapes: Heritage and Archaeology on WWII conflict sites [pdf 1,75 MB]
Marzia MERLONGHI, Italy: CAAD: Crisis Areas Archaeological Database [pdf 1,56 MB]
Saadet GUNER, Turkey: History of the Protection of the Cultural Heritage in Conflict [pdf 178 kB]

Cultural Heritage in Danger
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Anita GACH | Friedrich SCHIPPER | Hubert SZEMETHY, Austria

P. PERAKIS | T. THEOHARIS, Norway: Simulating Erosion on Cultural Heritage Monuments [pdf 1,72 MB]
Ralf HESSE, Germany: Possibilities and challenges in the application of multi-temporal airborne lidar data sets for the monitoring of archaeological landscapes [pdf 991 kB]
Konstantinos PSARRAS | Nikolaos MYRIDIS | Ioannis TEGOS, Greece: Development of New Technologies for the Earthquake-Resistant Design of Churches Threatened by Tsunamis [pdf 1,13 MB]
Mohammad Esmaeil Esmaeili JELODAR | Mahsa VAHABI, Iran: The challenges and opportunities of archeology excavations of Urban Rescue in Tehran City based on emergency excavations in the region of Molavi [pdf 939 kB]

Public Appearance – Heritage researchers, stakeholders and public interaction

Marion GROßMANN, Austria: Carnuntums Appearance and its Mediation of Roman Culture [pdf 1,5 MB]
Matteo SCAMPORRINO, Italy: A 3D model to safeguard and transform the port of Livorno – Toward a View management framework [pdf 642 kB]
Kerstin DOHR | Josef GSPURNING, Austria: The Appearance of Istanbul’s World Heritage Site in Terms of Accessibility and Embedment into the Urban Environment [pdf 1,3 MB]
Cristina CORSI, Italy: Good practice in management of ‘invisible’ archaeological townscapes [pdf 1,34 MB]
Luca GIORGI | Pietro MATRACCHI, Italy: Florence: knowledge and usability of the archaeological heritage [pdf 2,24 MB]

Newbies & Young Scientists
Chairs: Michael DONEUS | Benjamin STANGL, Austria

Pedro CABEZOS-BERNAL | Paolo FORMAGLINI | Filippo GIANSANTI | Raana KAYNIA, Italy: From the suggestion of viewing to the understanding of photography: a case study over rephotography [pdf 714 kB]
Martina POLIG, Sweden: The original Holy Cross Church in Dalby – new interpretations through digital archaeology [pdf 1,94 MB]

Disclosing the Dead
Chairs: David BIBBY, Germany | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium | Raphael PANHUYSEN, The Netherlands |Karin WILTSCHKE-SCHROTTA, Austria

Maja D’HOLLOSY, The Netherlands: Facing the Past – The use of facial reconstructions in connecting people to the past [pdf 1,25 MB]
David BIBBY | Hildegard BIBBY | Joachim WAHL, Germany: The Life, Times and Death of “Grave 700” from the Holy Trinity Church Konstanz, Germany [pdf 1,35 MB]
Peep PILLAK, Estonia: Disclosing the Traumas of History: The Case of First Estonian President [pdf 2,11 MB]
Liisa SEPPÄNEN, Finland: Buried in secrecy, surrounded by mystery, saved as curiosity – Animal grave from the early 20th century in town of Lahti (Finland) [pdf 682 kB]

The Use of UAVs in Virtual Heritage
Chairs: Peter DORNINGER, Austria | Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Bernhard FRISCHER, USA | Rebeka VITAL, Israel

Stefanie WEFERS | Philipp ATORF | Jörg KLONOWSKI, Germany: UAV photogrammetry and 3D analyses of CH sites [pdf 2,38 MB]
Benjamin GEHMLICH | Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ, Germany: Diversity of Flight Strategies in UAV Recording [pdf 1,78 MB]

Digital 3D Reconstruction – Methods, Strategies and Challenges
Chairs: Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI | Mieke PFARR-HARFST | Sander MÜNSTER , Germany | Benjamin STANGL, Austria

Fabrizio APOLLONIO, Italy: Classification schemes and model validation of 3D digital reconstruction process [pdf 461 kB]
Dmitry KARELIN | Yulia KLIMENKO | Serjey KLIMENKO, Russia: The methods and approaches to the visualisation of 3D reconstructions [pdf 584 kB]
Dominik LENGYEL | Catherine TOULOUSE, Germany: The consecution of uncertain knowledge, hypotheses and the design of abstraction [pdf 3,21 MB]
Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy: Reading the project and “reverse design”: an architectural approach to digital reconstruction [pdf 1,47 MB]

New realities: Virtual, augmented reality and other techniques in Cultural Heritage for the general public
Chairs: Willem BEEX, The Netherlands | Peter FERSCHIN, Austria | Bernhard FRISCHER, USA | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy

Dragoş GHEORGHIU | Livia ŞTEFAN, Romania: Augmenting Immersion:  The Implementation of the Real World in Virtual Reality [pdf 4,98 MB]
Samanta GREGGIO | Giuseppe SALEMI, Italy: A mobile Augmented Reality system integrating 3D model and radiance scaling to enhance epigraphical inscriptions [pdf 846 kB]
Adele MAGNELLI | Matteo VENTRELLA, Italy: How the AR can help to appreciate the hidden value of pictorial masterpiece: Venice’s Gallerie dell’Accademia case history [pdf 542 kB]
Takehiko NAGAKURA | Daniel TSAI, USA | Diego PINOCHET, Chile: Viewing the impossible: Photogrammetric Models of Palladian Villas and Other Works [pdf 1,34 MB]
Eiman ELGEWELY, Egypt | Willeke WENDRICH, USA: Reviving Karanis (Egypt): From Mud Bricks to Urban and Social Fabric [pdf 755 kB]
Giorgio VERDIANI | Mirco PUCCI | Mauro MARIOTTINI , Italy: The St. Donato Cathedral in Arezzo, digital reconstruction of a completely lost architecture [pdf 630 kB]
Anja WUTTE | Peter FERSCHIN | Georg SUTER, Austria: Excavation goes BIM. Building Analysis of an Egyptian Funerary Monument with Building Information Modeling Methods [pdf 556 kB]
Giulia DIONISIO | Anna Margherita JASINK, Italy: Teaching new technological methodologies applied to ancient history [pdf 570 kB]
Georg ZOTTI, Austria: Archaeoastronomical simulation in a desktop planetarium [pdf 1,06 MB]

Storytelling for Tourism in the Virtual Age. High Tech Travel for the 21st Century:
Chairs: Wolfgang H. BÖRNER, Austria | Eleni PANAGOU, Greece | Linda POTTER, USA

Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria: Experiencing Medieval Vienna – New Approaches towards the Presentation and Interpretation of Invisible Cultural Heritage [pdf 1,4 MB]
F. GABELLONE | I. FERRARI | F. GIURI | M. CHIFFI , Italy: What communication for museums? Experiences and reflections within the project for the virtualization of the Museo Egizio in Turin [pdf 794 kB]
Nevena RADOJEVIC; Italy: Looking the Pazzi Chapel’s umbrella vault from its oculus [pdf 982 kB]
Marino JAÉN ESPINOSA, Republic of Panama: Digital Storytelling of the Perote, a Traditional Festivity Held in Panama [pdf 235 kB]
Jochen SCHMID, Germany: The palace facade of Tell Halaf as part of the reconception of the Museum of the Ancient Near East – Material monumentality or virtual multiplicity [pdf 1,37 MB]
Davide PANTILE | Valerio ROSSI, Italy: Magna Carta Rediscovered: enhancing tourism through a travelling multimedia exhibition [pdf 412 kB]

Posterpresentation – NEW TECHNOLOGIES
Chair: Peter DORNINGER, Austria

Stefano BERTOCCI | Mattia VENTIMIGLIA, Italy: Augmented Reality for the documentation of Villa Adriana in Tivoli, Rome [pdf 853 kB]
Carmine CANALETTI | Alessandro CAMIZ, Italy: Reading and designing the area of Lambousa-Karavas, Cyprus: Acheiropoietos monastery [pdf 584 kB]
Francesco GABELLONE | Maria Teresa GIANNOTTA, Italy: New data from buried archives: the late Roman mosaic at Otranto [pdf 1,13 MB]
Iacopo GIANNINI | Angela MANCUSO | Mauro MARIOTTINI, Italy: The Church of St. Maria and St. Stefano on the Hill of Pionta, Arezzo –  Italy. Studies, comparisons and hypothetical reconstruction [pdf 998 kB]
Irmela HERZOG, Germany | Alden YÉPEZ, Ecuador: The impact of the DEM on archaeological GIS studies [pdf 1,27 MB]
Serjey KLIMENKO| Dmitry KARELIN | Julia KLIMENKO, Russia: The methods and approaches of the scientific 3D-reconstructions of architectural monuments: the research experience in the Moscow Institute of Architecture [pdf 284 kB]
Angela MANCUSO | Andrea PASQUALI, Italy: Digital Micro-Photogrammetry: new ways to dialogue with future researchers (Winner of the 7th Poster-Award) [pdf 851 kB]
Jana MINAROVIECH | Margareta MUSILOVA, Slovakia: 3D Reconstructions of Roman buildings from 1st century B.C. on the Celtic Hillfort in Bratislava [pdf 2,02 MB]

Posterpresentation – CULTURAL HERITAGE
Chair: Wolfgang BÖRNER, Austria
Giulia BALDI, Italy: The Romanesque Complex of SS. Trinita’ of Saccargia in Sardinia [pdf 506 kB]
Silvia D’ANDREA | Gianluca BELLI, Italy: From Porta alla Croce to Piazza Beccaria – The evolution of Florence from city to Capital [pdf 2,12 MB]
Stéphane GIRAUDEAU | Andrea LEONARDI, Italy | Teresa GIL PIQUERAS, Spain: When an isolated building becomes a guideline for the urban pattern. The case of “Torrenostra” in Torreblanca, Castellón, Spain [pdf 402 kB]
Petar PETROV, Bulgaria: Walk Into Tranquility (Winner of the 7th Poster-Award) [pdf 601 kB]
Tatiana PIGNATALE | Ilenia TRAMENTOZZI, Italy: Anonymous heritage-Integration of technology and visitors’ active involvement as a revaluation method of cultural assets [pdf 645 kB]
Pablo RODRÍGUEZ-NAVARRO, Spain | Roberto ATZENI | Valentina NALDINI, Italy : Coastal towers between Spain and Sardinia: proposals for a documentation strategy [pdf 354 kB]


On the occasion of the 20th edition of the Conference:

Giorgio VERDIANI | Willem BEEX | Francesco ALGOSTINO, Italy | The Netherlands: The making of the “Golden Rathaus” – Story and methods of a very specific 3D printed model [pdf 654 kB]


Presented on CHNT 19 | 2014 in the Session
Rubble, Ruins and Reading, specific approaches in analysis – Trying to let the remains telling the story
Chairs: Stefano COLUMBU / Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy

Oliver HAUCK | Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI, Germany: Cultural Heritage Markup Language. How to Record and Preserve 3D Assets of Digital Reconstruction [pdf 1,03 MB]