1. Evidence for a low epidemiological risk („3-G evidence“)*

On conference days, access is only possible via the entrance at: Felderstraße 1, 1010 Vienna. On their first entry each day all participants will be checked for 3-G evidence.

The following will be accepted as 3-G evidence:

  •  international (yellow) vaccination certificate
  • vaccination certificate (green passport) in German or English language
  • evidence of recovery (valid until 180 days after expired infection)
  • negative PCR test result (valid for a maximum of 48 hours)

Self-tests will only be accepted if they have been subjected to official verification.
Persons without valid 3-G evidence will be denied access to the conference.


2. Capacity restriction

The valid capacity of each hall will be posted and monitored at their entrances.


3. Hygiene measures

Materials for hand disinfection are provided at the entrance and in the individual halls. Please use.  Materials for surface disinfection are also available and are regularly used by conference staff to disinfect frequently used surfaces (tables, registration desk, bar tables).


4. Air exchange

All lecture halls will be generously ventilated during breaks.


5. Communication and information

All persons participating in the conference will be kept informed about current

  • COVID-19 regulations
  • venue rules for the Vienna City Hall


6. Attendees details for contact tracing

The conference organiser knows the contact details of all participants from their registration details. Each participant must sign-in at the registration desk before entering the conference.

After successful verification of their 3-G evidence, participants will receive a pass for the current conference day only. This will enable contact tracing in the event of an incident.


7. Covid-19 symptoms

Persons exhibiting any symptoms of the disease will be denied access to the conference.

If a person feels ill while present at the conference, they must leave immediately, place themselves in self-isolation and contact the official hotline (1450).

The Covid representative of CHNT 26 and the Vienna City Hall must also be informed. Participants who have had contact with the affected person will be recorded to facilitate contact tracing. Should a case of the disease be confirmed, further measures will be taken according to the instructions of the local health authority.


8. Training

All conference staff will be instructed on:

  • prescribed hygiene measures
  • legal requirements
  • rules of conduct for dealing with conference participants
  • content of this briefing document
  • correct handling of disinfectant materials
  • control of evidence of a low epidemiological risk („3-G evidence”)
  • using the QR code scanner of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection
  • Recognising disease symptoms

* The revision of the nationwide measures is always monitored. If the number of COVID-19 cases increases, the 3-G rule (vaccinated – tested – recovered) could change to a 2-G rule (vaccinated – recovered). We will inform you about any changes immediately. Please pay attention to the respective entry regulations and inform yourself about the validity of your vaccine documentation in Austria.