Giada CERRI1 / Federica CORSINI2
(1MT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, / 2Dipartimento di Architettura, Università degli studi di Firenze, Italy)

Some monuments cross time and arrive to our age with almost the same quality of their original time, but they are just a bounce of few samples. The most of the ancient artifacts cross time with various alterations and transformation. The sepulchral statue of Mario Nari, composed by a laying warrior and an allegory of Victory dominating a fallen prisoner, can tell a story of unlucky events that have demolished the original elements from their original setup, and brought it in pieces at the Bargello national museum in Florence. This white marble couple of statues was made by Bartolomeo Ammannati, architect and sculptor, from the 1539 to the 1542. The tomb has suffered the prohibition of being exposed while it was in the St. Annunziata church and later it was crashed by vandals and risked the total destruction. The two surviving statues, has been the object of a new setup in occasion of the celebrations of the five centuries from the Ammannati’s birth and were recomposed to fit the most similar condition to their original aspect. The 3D digital survey and a further photogrammetric survey have created the right documentation and models to start hypothesizing the original composition. The 3D digital survey of the bay of the church for which the statue was originally designed allowed the perfect condition to verify the new hypothesis about this interesting and well designed monument. The digital 3D model treated inside CAD tools has been the perfect tool to analyze in detail all the possible solutions and mix together the aspects of the historical investigation with the understanding of the design rules behind this masterpiece. This poster will summarize the structure of the research done to understand and re-read this late Renaissance statue and will present the results of its virtual reconstruction.

Keywords: 3D Laser Scanner, Florence, Bartolomeo Ammannati, Statue, Sepulcher