(Joanneum Research, Graz, Austria)

After many years of intensive data collection and digitization of objects in cultural institutions, the age of presentation, data use and exploitation is now breaking on the data. Presentation not only in online catalogues but also data usage and exploitation by utilizing the latest technologies and opportunities, such as NFC and of course RFID (radio-frequency identification). Falling prices also in the field of NFC / RFID tags and the steadily spreading through smart phones with NFC support makes the use of this technology for smaller museums or archives interesting and affordable.
As partner in the funded project SECOS an application for smartphones is developed that enables cultural institutions to offer, for example, useful background information as APP in exhibitions. Under the leadership of JOANNEUM RESEARCH SECOS combines three leading international scientific groups and five global corporate partners to develop new applications with RFID / NFC technology e.g. in the cultural sector.
In the age of shrinking budget for culture, it is increasingly important that cultural institutions get more and more embedded in the public memory. Due to the increasing popularity of smartphones and the improving technology cultural institutions can bring themselves to the mind of visitors by offering “Apps “.
This application is tailored to the needs of cultural institutions that want to provide a limited number of objects, for example at exhibitions with background information. By using the NFC technology of the visitor’s smartphone background information that is e.g. too detailed for exhibitions is read by the App. The information on the mobile phone can be synchronized with the software on your smartphone or tablet and the corresponding cultural database. In addition, the APP also records additional information ( eg, photos ) and adds them to the specific objects.

Keywords: RFID, cultural App, presentation of background information