Date: November 4th 2014, 05:00 pm – 06:00  pm
Location: Vienna City Hall, Wappensaal

No registration needed – open for all interested colleagues

“Archaeology is a finite resource under threat.” As archaeologists, we can do little to combat the damaging effects that armed conflicts, population pressure, political corruption and encroachment on protected areas have on our heritage.
However, we can use inexpensive and readily available technology to document sites, monuments and objects so that, in case of their physical destruction, at least some accurate digital records will remain. We also have complex spatial data management software at our disposal, enabling us to make better use of the little resources we have to monitor and protect archaeological sites.
Perhaps most importantly, the Internet and world-wide communication tools allow us to reach out to volunteers globally, teach and motivate them to become actively involved in caring and preserving their own local heritage.