of the

13th Workshop „Archäologie und Computer”

held in Vienna, Austria November 2008 ISBN 978-3-85161-016-1

K. FISCHER-AUSSERER: Vorwort / Preface. [pdf 27 kb]


Workshop 1 – More than Basic Stratigraphic Recording – Putting Things Together Again

C. TRAXLER | W. NEUBAUER; Austria: The Harris Matrix Composer – A New Tool To Manage Archaeological Stratigraphy.

Workshop 2 – 3. Workshop Kirchlicher Kulturgüterschutz: “Paramente und Vasa sacra“

K. BRENNER, Austria: Aufgaben und Ziele kirchlicher Inventarisierung. [pdf 847 kb]

A. GACH, Austria: Diebstahl, Beschädigung und Zerstörung von kirchlichem Kulturgut. [1.685 kb]

Sr. M. Imelda RUF OSB, Austria: Paramente – Pflege, Erhaltung und fachgerechte Verwahrung. [72 kb]

H. SCHREIBER, Austria: Paramente und Vasa sacra und ihre Bedeutung für die Katholische Kirche. [101 kb]

Workshop 3 – Kulturportale im Internet

G. KOCH | S. REINITZER, Austria: Europeana Local- Die Einbindung lokaler und regionaler Daten in die Europäische Digitale Bibliothek. [218 kb]

W. LUKASEDER, Austria: Kirchliche Kulturportale im Internet. [115 kb]


GIS Monuments and Ruins from the Past – Revisiting GIS Studies Five Years Later

M. KOSIAN, The Netherlands: GISing dead-reckoning; historic maritime maps in GIS. [3.867 kb]

R. J. van LANEN, The Netherlands: Modelling a historical landscape using GIS? Exploring Roman stone quarrying and the cultural landscape in the Eifel (Germany). [4.758 kb]

New Technologies for Documentation and Management in Cultural Heritage (CIPA-Session)

A. BEZZI | L. BEZZI | R. GIETL, Italy: Open Source and Archaeology: The next level. Building and developing hardware projects. [378 kb]

F. DIMC | B. MUŠIČ | R. OSREDKAR, Slovenia: An Integrated GPS and DR Positioning System Designed for Archaeogeophysical Kinematical Surveys. [288 kb]

P. FERSCHIN | I. KULITZ | F. HOLLWEGER, Austria | K. KUHLMANN, Germany: Documenting the Reconstruction Process with Google Earth – Reconstructing the Oracle Temple in Siwa, Egypt. [2.280 kb]

G. HIEBEL | K. HANKE, Austria: Web-GIS gestütztes Datenmanagment im multidisziplinären Spezialforschungsbereich HiMAT. [979 kb]

F. HUMER | M. PREGESBAUER | M. KLEIN | G. WEINLINGER, Austria: Eine 3-d Objektdatenbank als Webplattform des Archäologischen Parks Carnuntum. [3.486 kb]

D. MASCHEK | M. SCHNEYDER | M. TSCHANNERL; Austria: Der Stellenwert der digitalen Rekonstruktion für die Archäologie und benachbarte Disziplinen (am Beispiel der Villa Urbana und der Therme im Archäologischen Park Carnuntum). [1.882 kb]

I. MAYER, Austria: 2d-texture builds 3d-geometry. New approaches in documenting early-Christian mural paintings at the Domitilla-Catacomb in Rome. [3.080 kb]

L. SORO, Austria | A. USAI, Italy: Between necessity and economy: The archaeological field excavation at Gribaia (Sardinia, Italy) – A photogrammetical solution to document a small archaeological heritage. [1.466 kb]

Publishing “old” excavations with new technologies 4: What could be more basic than databases?

Ł. A. CZYŻEWSKI, Poland: Biśnik Cave. Final Project results. The idea of Open Archaeology in interdisciplinary projects. [5.087 kb]

M. KOSIAN, The Netherlands: Handling intangible data. [3.219 kb]

J. PAKKANEN, UK: Documentation and computer reconstruction strategies in the study of architecture at the sanctuary of Poseidon at Kalaureia, Greece. [1.943 kb]

S. SCOTT, USA: Adapting Databases: Problems and Solutions – Implementing Best Practices in Database Applications for Assyrian Palace Cultural Management. [86 kb]

V. SIRBU | D. STEFAN | M. DUTESCU, Romania: Refining the Past Understanding with the Help of Technology. The case of the Iron Age archaeological complex from Teliţa-Celic Dere. [1.043 kb]

Advanced Technologies in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

K. KOWARIK | H. RESCHREITER | G. WURZER | R. TOTSCHNIG | A. RAUSCH, Austria: Mining with Agents – Agent-based Modeling for the Bronze Age Salt Mine of Hallstatt (Upper Austria). [2.206 kb]

B. MUŠIČ, Slovenia | V. de LAET | F. MARTENS | D. SIMILOX-TOHON | G. VERSTRAETEN | J. POBLOME | P. TALLOEN | I. UYTTERHOEVEN | M. WAELKENS, Belgium: Geophysics, satellite imagery, urban survey and archaeological excavations – complementary contributions to reconstruct an ancient urban landscape – the case of Sagalassos (SW-Turkey). [3.710 kb]

C. SCHEIBLAUER, Austria: Domitilla Catacomb Walkthrough – Dealing with more than 1 Billion Points. [17.863 kb]

M. TIEFENTHALER | F. FANTINI, Italy: The use of laser scanner for analysis of a longobard burial. [1.241 kb]

G. VERDIANI | F. FANTINI | S. DI TONDO, Italy: Investigations on some Villa Adriana’s vault systems using three dimensional digital survey. [5.985 kb]



S. BERTOCCI | M. CORNIETI | M. TIEFENTHALER, Italy: Digital Technologies for the survey and the interpretation of objects of archaeological interest: The case of Iasos in Caria, Turkey. [7.491 Kb]

L. BIANCONI | S. COSTA, Italy: Total Open Station: freeing your hardware. [58 kb]

L. CASTRIANNI | G. di GIACOMO | I. DITARANTO | G. SCARDOZZI, Italy: Integrated technologies and methodologies for the reconstruction of the ancient topography of Hierapolis in Phrygia and its territory (Turkey). [12.016 kb]

V. I. IONESO, Russia: A Social Interpretation of Material Culture: The Symbolic Nature and Meanings of Things in Cultural Processes. [69 kb]

P. PUMA, Italy: New shares for Populonia project: the last advanced surveys of Etruscan tombs from Populonia Necropolis documentation. [9.756 kb]

A. SIMON | G. FARIN, USA | C. LÜBKE | G. INDRUSZEWSKI, Germany | J. ROWE, USA: The Ceramic Technologies Digital Library (CTDL), 3rd Progress Report on the Internet-based Archive of 3D and 2D Ceramic Data from Central Europe. [764 kb]

C. THENIUS, Austria: MEGA GRIECHISCH im ZOOM Kindermuseum – Eine Mitmachausstellung zur griechischen Antike für Kinder von 6 – 12 Jahren. [3.416 kb]

R. VITAL, Israel: Collective memory and virtual architectural reconstructions. [81 kb]

THE LIMES DANUVIUS – chances for the UNESCO World Heritage Site

H. P. JESCHKE, Austria: The cultural landscape maintenance system (Kulturlandschaftspflegewerk©) for the historic landscape zone of the “frontiers of the Roman Empire” – A trans-disciplinary governmental system of protection, maintenance and development based on a historic cultural landscape approach. [3.162 kb]

S. JILEK | E. KUTTNER: LIMES DANUVIUS – chances for a UNESCO World Heritage. [1.103 kb]

M. MOSSER, Austria: Researching and reconstruction of the Roman Vindobona fortress. [2.199 kb]

J. SCHMIDTOVÁ | J. RAJTÁR | K. HARMADYOVÁ, Slovakia: Limes Romanus in Slovakia. [1.035 kb]

S. WALKSHOFER | E. DOBAT, Austria: The Limes Danubius – Using new technologies to present history and archaeology. [80 kb]

Internet sales of cultural property

M.-M. Ciută | A. LAZĂR, Romania: Archaeological Objects stolen from Romania and “discovered” on the Internet. [1.212 kb]

A. GACH, Austria: Overview about cultural property crimes in the Internet. [613 kb]


V. MOM, The Netherlands: The Beex Archives. [287 kb]