held in Vienna, Austria November 2009       ISBN 978-3-200-02112-9

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Cover / Table of Content [Download pdf, 196 kB]


Farid MUKHAMETSHIN – Welcoming Address

Workshops [Download pdf,  10.7 MB]

Workshop 2 – Kulturportale im Internet – Barrierefreiheit

Thomas JÖCHLER – Barrierefreiheit auf wien.at – Richtlinien beim Internetauftritt der Stadt Wien
Michaela LAICHMANN – WAIS und WAI – Das Wiener Archivinformationssystem und die Web Accessability Initiative (ein Erfahrungsbericht)

Workshop 4 – Newbies

Kristóf KOVÁCS / Michael MOSER / Klaus HANKE – Application of laser scanning for archaeological prospection and 3D documentation
Benjamin STANGL / Peter FERSCHIN / Peter JÁNOSI / Iman KULITZ – Creating a Virtual Archaeological Model of the Queen Meresankh III – Mastaba with Adobe 3D PDF
Michael TEICHMANN – Virtual Archaeology: An Assessment of Gaming Software for the Modelling of Medieval Landscapes

Workshop 5 – Kirchlicher Kulturgüterschutz: “Kirchliche Bibliotheken und Digitalisierung”

Andreas HEPPERGER- Elektronische Bibliothekskataloge als Prämisse für den Schutz kirchlichen Kulturguts und Basis professioneller Digitalisierung
Bruno KLAMMER- Erschließung Historischer Bibliotheken in Südtirol (EHB) – ein Pilotprojekt
Helga PENZ / Martin ROLAND / Armand TIF –Klosterbibliotheken: Wer digitalisiert für wen? – Zum Beispiel: Handschriftensammlung des Stiftes Herzogenburg
Ernst RUSCHITZKA- Kooperation theologischer Bibliotheken in Österreich

Archaeology and Technologies

General Session – Archives and Cultural Heritage Management [Download pdf, 33.7 MB]

David BIBBY- Collection and Preservation of Digital Excavation Data – securing the digital past for the future. A case study from Baden-Württemberg
Alessio BOATTINI / Michele CORNIETI – The rural architecture of Appennino Romagnolo: Instruments for the documentation of an heritage at risk.
Sabine BRECHBÜHL / Barbara CHEVALLIER – Conservation of mass archaeological metal finds – The necessity to standardise conservation processes.
Reiner GÖLDNER – Preserving Digital Data Step by Step – Small Solutions for Small Institutions

Archives and Cultural Heritage Management

Benedetta ADEMBRI / Sergio DI TONDO / Filippo FANTINI – Tools for archiving and managing cultural heritage. The finds from Hadrian’s Villa in the territory of Tivoli: The case study of the friezes from the Teatro Marittimo
Marina DE FRANCESCHINI – The Accademia Pilot Project in Hadrian’s Villa near Tivoli (Rome, Italy). Problems in Archiving Ancient and Modern Data.
Petra GRUBER / M. MECHLER / J. KURT-NIELSEN / Jerome FELDMAN – Replacement of Tradition – Comparative View of the Architectural Development of the Village of Hilimondregeraya in Nias, Indonesia
Frauke KREUTLER – Creating a Digital Collection – The experience of the Wien Museum
Olga LE?BYCHOVÁ / Milan JINDÁ?EK – A Database System for Administering and Archiving of Archaeological Information Heritage
Bettina STOLL-TUCKER – The current situation of digital archiving in Germany’s state archaeology

Fundamental Research – Critical Issues

Jean-Michel CHAZINE / Arnaud NOURY- Deciphering of Rock Art hands stencils with ©kalimain program using Manning’s ratio
Giuseppe GORINI / Hans KAMERMANS- Neutron-based Analysis for Cultural Heritage Research. Results of the Ancient Charm project
Apostolos SARRIS / Paraskevi SEFEROU / Eleni KOKINOU / Nikos PAPADOPOULOS- Geophysical Prospection as a way of confirming older topographic plans and descriptions of archaeological sites
Rowin J. VAN LANEN / Esther JANSMA- Towards Exchangeability of Tree-Ring Data. The Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology
Giorgio VERDIANI / Mirco PUCCI / Alessandro BLANCO- The Small Baths in Hadrian’s Villa – A ground test for enhancing the approach to the digital survey and reconstruction for archaeologists and architects

Applied Research [Download pdf, 37.3 MB]

Carlo BATTINI – 3D Web Survey: a new system to manage and view archaeological data
Roberta CIANCIULLI / Giuseppe MAINO / Giulia MALARA / Silvia MASSARI / Lorenza ROVERSI NEREA – Historical and physical structural studies for preservation of Medieval towers and belfries
Massimo CULTRARO / Francesco GABELLONE / Giuseppe SCARDOZZI – The Virtual Museum of Iraq: between documentation and communication
Gerold EßER / Jan KANNGIEßER / Mathias GANSPÖCK – Laser scanning at Castle Hochosterwitz in Carinthia. 3d optical documentation techniques in the service of a time-efficient, highly precise and distortion-free architectural survey
Michaela KRONBERGER / Maria HEINRICH / Beatrix MOSHAMMER / Martin MOSSER – Preliminary results of an interdisciplinary project on Roman stone material and historic quarries in Vienna
Irwin ROVNER – Computer-assisted Morphometric Analysis of Digital Images: Archaeobotanicals, Archaeomaterials, Artifacts and Features

IT-Education in Archaeology and Cultural Management: Necessity or Scourge?

Menne KOSIAN – Learning out of the box. Thoughts on education for a changing profession
Arkadiusz MARCINIAK / Jacek MARCINIAK – Technology & methodology in distance learning in archaeology. A case of e-learning course ‘Archaeological heritage in contemporary Europe’.
Violetta REITER – Digital Archiving of the Department Collection
Rowin J. VAN LANEN – Digitizing Trees? A case study in the importance of IT-education for historians

A critical view on archaeological 3D reconstructions

Ingrid ADENSTEDT / Barbara THUSWALDNER – The Byzantine Palace of Ephesus – Reconstruction of the Tetraconch Hall
Giovanni GUCCINI / Federico PIRAS / Filippo SUSCA – The Stone of the Elephant: Chronicles and results from the advanced survey to the 3D printing
Eleni KOTOULA – 3D Reconstruction / Visualization of Artefacts and Ageing Effects
Dominik MASCHEK / Michael SCHNEYDER / Marcel TSCHANNERL- Virtual 3D reconstructions – benefit or danger for modern archaeology?
Francesca SOGLIANI / Francesco GABELLONE / Ivan FERRARI / Luigi CRIMACO- The fortified medieval settlement of Rocca Montis Dragonis (Mondragone, Caserta – Italy) virtually alive.
S. THEODOROPOULOS / D. MOULLOU / D. MAVROMATI / C. LIAPAKIS / V. BALIS – 3D Reconstructions of monuments and landscapes: Impressionistic or Expressionistic views of the Past?

Cultural Heritage [Download pdf, 24.5 MB]

Cultural Heritage – Cultural Promotion – Tourism in the Danube Region

Franz HUMER – Conservation and presentation of monuments in the Archaeological Park Carnuntum (Austria)
Gerda KOCH / Sigrid REINITZER – Promoting Austrian Cultural and Scientific Heritage via Europeana
Marco MERLINI – A Cyber-museum of European Roots having the Danube as backbone
Matthias W. PACHER – Synergies between cultural tourism enterprises effected through cooperation and the pooling of resources in Lower Austria as seen with “Archäologische Kulturpark Niederösterreich Betriebs GmbH”

Internet Trade of Cultural Objects

Melek CANGA – Illicit Cultural Property Trade Over the Internet
Marius-Mihai CIUTA / Beatrice CIUTA – The “INTRA MUROS” encouraging factors for illegal traffic with archaeological artifacts. Case study: Romania
Hubert LANZ – Internet trade, coins and archaeology
Augustin LAZ?R – Modus Operandi in the Criminal Electronic Trade of Cultural Objects

Postersession [Download pdf, 23.5 MB]

Evangelos CHARITOPOULOS / Apostolos SARRIS – Documenting Venetian and Ottoman landscape in Crete: Settlement patterns, road network and productive areas in Rethymnon inland.
Ann DEGRAEVE – Archiving the Archaeological Heritage in the Brussels Capital Region, Belgium – A Challenge for the Future
Peter DORNINGER / Clemens NOTHEGGER – Automated Processing of Terrestrial Mid-Range Laser Scanner Data for Restoration Documentation at Millimeter Scale
Sarah M. DUFFY – Innovative Technology & Ancient History: Exploring Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) at Chersonesos, Ukraine
Silvana FAIS / Paola LIGAS / Francesco CUCCURU – Application of non-destructive acoustic techniques for evaluating the state of conservation of carbonate building stones in architectural structures
Matylda GIERSZEWSKA / Piotr NOSZCZYNSKI – An Open Way for Archaeological Data Management Based on Quantum GIS
Ralf HESSE – Extraction of archaeological features from high-resolution LIDAR data
Nikos G. PAPADOPOULOS / Apostolos SARRIS – Integrated geophysical survey to characterize the subsurface properties below and around the area of Saint Andreas church (Loutraki, Greece)
András PATAY-HORVÁTH – Virtual 3D Reconstruction of the East Pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia – A practical example explaining difficulties of data collection in the field
Hans POSTMA / Luc AMKREUTZ / Victor BOM / Alessandro BORELLA / Martijn CLARIJS / Carel van EIJK / David FONTIJN / Hans KAMERMANS / Peter SCHILLEBEECKX within the ANCIENT CHARM Project – Neutron Resonance Capture Analysis (NRCA), elemental compositions of bronze age objects
Jurij RAVNIK / Judita LUX – The Rise and Fall of Avitus
Apostolos SARRIS / Eleni PERAKI / Paraskevi SEFEROU / Marilenna KOKKINAKI / Spilios THEODOROPOULOS / Aris KYDONAKIS – Web Based Applications for the Promotion and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Sites and Monuments

Appendix 2008

Bruno DESACHY- Le Stratifiant : a simple tool for processing stratigraphic data

Index of Authors [Download pdf, 32 kB]