(Dipartimento di Architettura, Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna; Italy)

Keywords: SfM, Digital Models, real-time, visualization

The historical centre of Ravenna belongs to UNESCO World Heritage list since 1996 because of its outstanding universal value related to mosaic art, Byzantine and Late Antiquity architectures, and also because those monuments, in particular baptisteries and churches, provide crucial evidences related to the evolution from Roman prototypes.
With the purpose to test the possibilities offered by the synergy of acquisition technologies and entertainment applications, the paper will explain the results of a pipeline aimed at improving the quality of 3D digital models from Structure from Motion software and active sensors. The surveying and restitution integrated methods will enhance portability, colour representation, and lighting simulation under different conditions of 3D assets.
The results achieved through this case studies will provide to different actors in the field of conservation and valorisation of Cultural Heritage, a dynamic and robust interactive tool, based on 3D digital models and new advanced devices, capable to increase the quantity of information  provided during a conventional visit of a cultural site, where mosaic art is present.