(Istanbul, Turkey)

In the ancient cities around the Mediterranean region with Anatolian, Greco Helen, Macedonian and Roman cultural and political influences, theatres were very important centers of cultural, social and political activities.The Ancient theatres of Istanbul, within WHC area, in Turkey, have not been discovered, excavated and reconstructed archaeologically yet.
According to the official urban registrations of Constantinople (Roma Novum, Nea Roma), namely to “Notitia Urbis Constantinapolitanea” (1) from the years 440 – 450 AD, there were 4 theatres in the ancient city of Istanbul, 2 of which there were in the 2.nd urban regio: Theatrum Majus and Theatrum Minus or Megaraian Theatre. In the regio, Sykae (Galata, Pera) there was one and finally in the urban regio another ancient theatre.
During the experimental excavations in the year 1959 by Mr. H. Örs, who was former director of Topkapi Palace Museum, some marble seats of the ancient theatre on the slope of Vyzantion (Byzantion) acropolis have been discovered in situ.(2)
Within our poster, we will present reports on archaeological researches and findings by using analysis, comparative methods and recent field scanning technologies.
Results and innovations:
Our aim is to encourage the scientific researches and discoveries of the locations of the two ancient theatres in the second regio of Istanbul and to start excavations and reconstruction of them for WHC and cultural tourism.

Keywords: Ancient Theatres, Istanbul, WHC, Notitia Urbis Constantinapolitanea