Mahsa VAHABI1 | Siyamak SARLAK2
(1Archaeology at Tehran University | 2Faculty Institute of Archaeology, Tehran Iran)

Keywords: Shadqoli Khan, Urban Archaeology ,Development projects

The city of Qom, because of the special social – political and religious status, has witnessed a growing development trend of numerous projects especially the last three decades with the aim of urban development and social services. Undoubtedly, the process of extensive development without balancing the different levels can create many challenges. One of the current challenges in the development process in Iran, including the city of Qom is the lack of balance between economic development and cultural development. In the winter of 2005, following the build up a great way called Ammar Yasser Boulevard in the center of the city of Qom, this project is within the historic fabric of the city of Qom, Shadqoli Khan Area, the remains of an ancient site of the fourth millennium ago BC was found. Unfortunately, due to the massive excavation work at the site, more than 90 percent of the area was completely destroyed. The remains of the area (hills of Shadqoli Khan) where buried and was non-visible under the construction of residential and street pavement, were done under layer encryption. This process caused to find three establishment stages of a cultural period (Silk3) comes back dated to the later of fifth millennium to the early fourth millennium in the center of the historic fabric of Qom city. archaeology excavations on the remaining of this area and changing it to a museum site can revive different aspects of economical- social life of people who were inhabited in this area before the history era to the current era. This can provide a sufficient background to do archeological, anthropological and demographic studies as well as to attract historical tourists in Qom city. The science of archeology, status and its procedures in the current context of society.