(1Protosphere, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland / 2Herder-Institute, Marburg, Germany)


The film is a teaser for the interdisciplinary and international project „Virtual reconstructions in transnational research environments – the web portal “Palaces and Parks in former East Prussia”, which presents the complex scope of the young scientific field of Digital and Spatial Humanities, in a slim and comprehensible way.!!The film maker accompanied a group of scientist, who seek to establish new standardized methods of documenting and presenting Cultural Heritage (CH) in, with and via 3D computer reconstructions. They research is focused in the field of semantic data modelling (of the resources and created 3D models) and of appropriate database. The researchers design concepts for documentation standards for born-digital CH.!!This film shall raise the interest in the beauty of the CH by exploring them through different perspectives, including aerial videography. And it shall arise curiosity among the young generation to the new technological possibilities to explore, evaluate, protect and spread the knowledge of endangered CH.!!Archaeology and CH become more vivid and a broader group of people can grasp the fascination and increase the subject’s popularity.!!The film maker increases the tension and builds a story around and with the subject, by switching angles and perspective, growing from frog view, over human perspective to bird eye. On top the film fades between todays reality, historic documents and the latest virtual reconstructions.!!The film conveys the information about the place of excavation by using state of the art technology and implementing dramaturgical methods, such as changing perspectives (macro, close-up, landscape), fading between reality and virtual reconstruction (scientifically correct digital 3Dcomputer reconstruction), implementation of data from laser scan point-clouds, and similar scientifically profound data.

Keywords: Virtual reconstruction, Architecture, Project-Teaser