a flexible, open source solution for transferring survey data into GIS

Advanced Archaeological Training W3

Organiser | David BIBBY, Germany

Written from scratch and distributed freely under an open source license, Survey2GIS is a compact and flexible solution for handling topographic survey data. It is capable of processing 2D or 3D point measurements into complex geometrical objects (points lines and polygons), including multipart features and polygons with holes. The output generated by Survey2GIS is ideal for direct use in GIS. Input data consist of one or several plain text files with coordinates plus attribtue data, as may be produced using a total station or GPS device. Output data will be generated in the common ESRI(tm) Shapefile format (2D or 3D), according to geometry type and with complete attribute data. This process can be fully steered using a user-definable parser, thus allowing flexible adaptation to different survery workflows and data structures.

The software is user friendly, easy to learn and feature rich with detailed protocolling to support quality assurance and consistent documentation of all processed data. During its development, high priority has been given to the generation of topologically correct output, suitable for quantitative analysis in GIS. This includes functions for the elimination of duplicate points, snapping to vertices and to polygon boundaries and modeling inset polygons Survey2GIS runs under Windows (XP – 8.1)and linux, either from the command line or via a graphical user interface. Survey2GIS is especially comfortable as a plugin for gvSIG-CE.

This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Its development has so far been funded and directed by the State Heritage Management of BadenWürttemberg, Germany


– Free
– Open source software for Windows, and Linux
– Configurable
– Parser to match different input data formats
– Verbose
– Protocolling of data processing
– Generation of 2D or 3D Shapefiles
– Complete creation of attribute data within GIS
– Topological functions: snapping, point reduction, insets, merging of multiple input surveyfiles
– Standalone or as gvSIG Extension


This tutorial offers the opportunity to become aquainted with the basic functions and operations of Survey2GIS:

– Survey codes
– Input of survey data
– Configuration
– Shapefile output
– Topological Functions
– Automatic symbology-creation in gvSIG-CE

Tutorial structure:

1) Introductory presentation
2) practial step by step seminar with survey2Gis as gvSIG-CE-Plugin


1) Tachymetric surveying: basic knowledge
2) Desktop-GIS: basic knowledge (gvSIG CE will be used).
3) Notebook/Laptop (Windows XP through 8.1 or Linux*).

* Linux 64 Bit Systeme require32 bit libraries (e.g. “sudo apt-get install ia32-libs”)

PCs will not be provided. Please bring your own notebook. A preconfigured installation of gvSIG CE with survey2gis as Plugin will be provided and can be kept after the tutorial.

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