(Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)

Keywords: 3D modeling, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

This paper reports on a project to digitally scan and model a number of existing prehistoric art objects in the collections of the Prehistoric Museum in Valencia as well as the archaeological sites where the objects were found.  The 3D models, along with related metadata, will be made available at the museum and via the Internet. The goal is to allow researchers and visitors to have a full visualization of the objects. The technology to be used inside the museum is a combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
Once the project is implemented in the museum, it is hoped it will completely change the experience of visitors and researchers. They will be able move a virtual object with their fingertips and to manipulate it without endangering the actual artifact. Furthermore, users will be able to visualize objects in the museum’s collections that are in storage as well as related items in other museums. In addition, the visitors and researchers will be able to use their smart phone or tablet to view a virtual image of the caves where the artifacts were found.