A practical hands-on workshop

Advanced Archaeological Training W8

Organiser | Bernhard Mayrhofer, VirtuMake | Olga Zinchenko, Artec Group, Luxembourg

The workshop focuses on the high-resolution 3D digitizing of objects where gaining access for scanning equipment is either complicated, or impossible.

Examples include scanning in sub-Saharan Africa, remote areas of Ireland and at archaeological sites. The projects featured in the workshop were completed successfully thanks to the use of Artec Group’s state-of-the-art portable 3D scanning technology.

In the workshop, attendees will first learn about the possibilities of 3D scanning in the harsh conditions of in-the-field research work, the difficulties arising during this process and possible solutions based on case studies of completed heritage conservation projects.

The workshop also features the practical demonstration of 3D scanning of various objects. Attendees are welcome to have a go and try out the 3D scanners for themselves. The workshop is facilitated by Artec Group and VirtuMake.