Stéphane GIRAUDEAU / Valentina FANTINI / Jacopo DE PAOLA
(Dipartimento di Architettura, Florence, Italy)

“This research is the extension of previous analysis on the abandoned Art Nouveau building in Italy (where this artistic and architectural tendency was named “Liberty”), starting from the study of the evolution changing of the appeal in this architectural style. Liberty was only popular during the period between the 19th century and the 20thcentury. The Liberty was characterized by a marked linear style and elegant decoration; it became quickly the main style of the growing bourgeoisie. This research will aim to examine the reasons because these particular buildings didn’t acquire the “charm of ruin” after their closure and because they often suffer from complete abandon without meaningful chances of recovering. Many buildings in Italy can be clear examples of this condition. The methodology for the analysis of this Heritage at risk will be developed using the photogrammetric survey, using both a traditional 2D approach and the SFM solutions. The aim will be to gain a better understanding using fast and discrete techniques (a lot of these buildings are left to themselves and often protected from public intervention) and the creation of an archive of these findings.
The observed buildings will be chosen in the city of Florence trying to extend the first part of the research that has been started a couple of years ago. In the city of Florence is it possible to appreciate several important buildings, good examples of this brilliant style.
The Architect Giovanni Michelazzi was one the most representative of the Liberty style in Tuscany, he passed away in the 1920, after designing many villas around Florence.  The research will be carried out by observing and surveying two important buildings. These surveys will be a possible reference for a conservative intervention or at least a documentation of something that is getting lost. Using two different cameras is it possible to compare the results obtained, this will be an important step for further surveys and research in emergency situation. This project progress our research gaining more experience in photogrammetrical survey.

Keywords: Art Nouveau, abandon, comparison