of the

21th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies

held in Vienna, Austria November 2016

Special Edition published in the online journal “Studies in Digital Heritage” (www.studiesdh.org) December 2017.

CHNT 16 Proceedings Preface
Wolfgang Börner, Susanne Uhlirz PDF


Preservation and Re-Use of Digital Archaeological Research Data with Open Archival Information Systems

Archiving Archaeological Research Data – On Requirements, Objectives and First Experiences from a German Respectively Saxon Point of View
Reiner Göldner           PDF    SDH p. 165-181
Data Curation: How and Why. A Showcase with Re-use Scenarios.
Philipp Gerth, Anne Sieverling, Martina Trognitz    PDF    SDH 182-193
Archiving the Past While Keeping up with the Times
Valentijng Gilissen, Hella Hollander             PDF    SDH 194-205
SIKB0102: Synchronizing Excavation Data for Preservation and Re-Use
Wouter Boasson, Ronald M. Visser PDF    SDH 206-224

Digging for the Digital Dividend: Information Systems and Excavation Data

3D GIS for building archeology – Combining old and new data in a three-dimensional information system in the case study of Lund Cathedral
Martina Polig PDF    SDH 225-238
How Much of a Historic Town Can Be Mapped by a Terrestrial Laser Scanner within a Working Day? – A Single Touch Workflow
Christoph Fürst, Nikolaus Studnicka, Martin Pfennigbauer            PDF    SDH 239-250

PhD and Master Session

New Technologies in the Preservation of Cultural Artifacts with Spatial, Temporal, Corporeal, Kinetic Dimensions: Artifacts in the Trinidad Carnival
Vernelle A. A Noel    PDF    SDH 251-268

Combining ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ in archaeological practice: collaborative visualisation during excavation

Amphitheater of Volterra: Case Study for the Representation of Excavation Data
Carlo Battini, Elena Sorge     PDF    SDH 269-281

New realities2: virtual, augmented reality and other techniques in Cultural Heritage for the general public

MUSINT II: A Complex Project on a Virtual and Interactive Museum Involving Institutions of Florence, Rome and Heraklion
Anna Margherita Jasink, Cristian Faralli, Panaiotis Kruklidis          PDF    SDH 282-297
Photogrammetry and macro photography. The experience of the MUSINT II Project in the 3D digitizing process of small size archaeological artifacts
Stefano Marziali, Giulia Dionisio      PDF    298-309
Panoramic Video: Recording and Representing the Digital Heritage Experience
Takehiko Nagakura, Daniel Tsai, Joshua Choi          PDF    310-325
Apps under the surface. Problems with Cultural Heritage apps
Daniël Stiller, Willem Frans Beex     PDF    SDH 326-343

(Inter)relating to the Dead

Lauchheim 1986–2016. The Interdisciplinary analysis and GIS-Mapping of a prominent early medieval necropolis in Eastern Swabia
Benjamin Nicolas Hoeke, David Bibby        PDF    SDH 344-363
The Black Church Cemetery: Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of a medieval urban skeletal assemblage (Braşov, Romania)
Daniela Marcu Istrate, Annamaria Diana      PDF    SDH 364-379

3D reconstruction as an interpretative melting pot of the (art-)historical data

The reconstruction of drawn architecture
Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio, Federico Fallavollita, Elisabetta Caterina Giovannini, Riccardo Foschi, Salvatore Corso             PDF    SDH 380-395
Reconstructing Vindonissa as a living document – A case-study of digital reconstruction for output to pre-rendered and real-time applications
Jonas Christen            PDF    SDH 396-408
3D Reconstruction of Furniture Fragments from the Ancient Town of Karanis
Eiman Elgewely         PDF    SDH 409-427
A Medieval Bishop’s Palace in Milicz: 3D Reconstruction as a Method of a Research Hypotheses Presentation
Justyna Kolenda, Małgorzata Markiewicz    PDF    SDH 428-443
Digital Method for Verifying Archaeological Hypotheses. Medieval Gord Under Pułtusk Castle
Slawomir Kowal, Krzysztof Koszewski, Jan Słyk, Stefan Wrona   PDF    SDH 444-455
Virtual Research Environment for digital 3D reconstructions – Standards, thresholds and prospects
Piotr Kuroczynski      PDF    SDH 456-476
Maxentius 3D Project
Lucia Marsicano, Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Francesco Lella, Emanuela D’Ignazio, Eleonora Massacci, Simone Onofri             PDF    SDH 477-490
From Reconstruction to Analysis. Re-use and re-purposing of 3D scan datasets obtained from ancient Greek marble sculpture
András Patay-Horváth, Leif Christiansen     PDF    SDH 491-500
High precision laser scanning assisting in the service of historical and art historical research. The burial monument of Queen Gertrude (13th century)
Beatrix Szabó, József Laszlovszky, András Fehér, Gábor Bödő, Gyula Dabrónaki, Konsztantinosz Hadzijanisz, Réka Lovas, László Pipis, Dóra Surina, Barnabás Vári

PDF    SDH 501-517
Destroyed Places and Ancient Wars. Digital Tools for the Montecastrese Fortress
Giorgio Verdiani, Martina Carrara, Stefano Lami    PDF    SDH 518-536
Digital 3D reconstructed models A proposition for structuring visualisation workflows using semantic technologies for recommendations
Stefanie Wefers, Ashish Karmacharya, Mieke Pfarr-Harfst, Frank Boochs            PDF    SDH 537-546

Photogrammetry in Underwater and Aerial Archaeology

Underwater Videogrammetry with Adaptive Feature Detection at “See am Mondsee”, Austria
Marco Block, Cyril Dworsky, Carmen Löw, Helena Seidl da Fonseca, Benjamin Gehmlich, Dennis Wittchen, Niklaas Görsch, Paulina Suchowska, Benjamin Ducke        PDF    SDH 547-565
Automatic Underwater Image Enhancement using Improved Dark Channel Prior
Marco Block, Benjamin Gehmlich, Damian Hettmanczyk   PDF    SDH 66-589
Digitization of the Cultural Heritage of Slovakia. Combining of Lidar Data and Photogrammetry.
Jana Minaroviech       PDF    SDH 590-606
Retrospective Photogrammetry in Greek Archaeology
Colin Allan Bruce Wallace    PDF    SDH 607-626


Target Groups, Users, Followers, Fans – The Nature and Potential of Social Data in Archaeology

Round Table: Target Groups, Users, Followers, Fans – The Nature and Potential of Social Data in Archaeology
Carmen Loew, Elisabeth Monamy, Fiona Poppenwimmer, Helena Seidl da Fonseca        PDF    SDH 627-641

The integration between archaeology and history based on ICT

Reconstructing Pre-Industrial Long Distance Roads in a Hilly Region in Germany, Based on Historical and Archaeological Data
Irmela Herzog            PDF    SDH 642-660


Lessons from LiDAR data use in the Netherlands
Willem Frans Beex     PDF    SDH 661-670
The Ruspoli Chapel at the Porte Sante Cemetery in Florence. Material and diagnostic survey for conservation
Anna Livia Ciuffreda, Elena Juarez Alonso, Petronilla Patti, Sara Soldaini           PDF    SDH 671-681
Restoration in archaeological university courses: practical ceramic conservation laboratory in graduate school in archaeology – UNIFI
Giulia Dionisio, Daniela Puzio          PDF    SDH 682-691
Information Integration in a Mining Landscape
Gerald Hiebel, Klaus Hanke, Gert Goldenberg, Markus Staudt, Caroline Grutsch            PDF    SDH 692-699
The Bogliaco Bartolani Chapel in the Cemetery of Porte Sante, Florence. Survey and analysis for the restoration
Angela Mancuso        PDF    SDH 700-718
The Mausoleum of Giuseppe Tonietti on the Elba Island. From a masterpiece of Adolofo Coppedè to a compromising state of decay.
Angela Mancuso, Andrea Pasquali, Giorgio Verdiani          PDF    SDH 719-734
The Tower of Torrenostra in Torreblanca – Spain: studies and documentation for a landscape archaeology reconstruction.
Fabrizia Giannotti, Andrea Leonardi, Andrea Pasquali       PDF    SDH 735-749
The Fortress of Riolo Terme, near Ravenna: digital survey and 3D printing for cultural Dissemination
Elisa Sgherri, Giovanni Anzani         PDF    SDH 750-768
The Lapidary of Palazzo Ancarano, head office of the Archaeological Superintendence of Emilia Romagna
Veronica Villa, Tatiana Pignatale, Ilenia Tramentozzi          PDF    SDH 769-784
Archaeological Excavation and Documentation of Kafir Kala Fortress
Tomoyuki Usami, Alisher Begmatov, Takao Uno    PDF    SDH 785-796