Keynote 2

Maurizio FORTE, USA

This presentation will discuss multidisciplinary methods of investigation on ancient cities in relation to a cyberarchaeological approach. The combination of different “sensing” technologies, photogrammetry and 3D modeling, with virtual and mixed realities shows new digital hermeneutics and cultural models.

These hypercities, like living organisms, exist by virtue of their diachrony and continuous development, segmentation, cognitive and symbolic representation, memetic processes and beyond. In other terms, the city is always ancient, because the only way to describe it (holistically) is to go back, to observe the dynamic narrative of its “being”.

So, what does it mean to look at a city? Experiencing ancient cities like artefacts is a very challenging subject which involves brain processes including three different but intertwined levels: a perceptual, a cognitive, and an emotional experience. The multimodal inspection of a city model stimulated the activation of a performative level of sensorimotor experience through the triggering of embodied simulation in the brains and bodies of the beholders.