Chair: W. Beex, The Netherlands

During the last “Workshop 8: Computer und Archäologie”, at that moment combined with “CAA 2003”, one of the more elaborated topics introduced the problems and options in creating a DEM (Digital Elevation Model, also known as Digital Terrain Model). In itself, any DEM is just a nice picture. As a 3d computer model or as a map used in GIS, however, a DEM can be helpful as a basis in explaining distribution patterns, to identify particular phenomena in the landscape for a certain site, or being a source of information for predictive modelling. This session invites all people, working with DEM’s as an integrated part in their scientific research, to present their results. The overall aim of this session is to present a “status quo” on the use of a DEM for scientific research in archaeology. And be aware, this session is no longer about the problems in creating a DEM. All contributors are expected to have full knowledge about this item, and to prove that they are working with the best DEM possible.