Call for Short Papers

Chairs: Christoph Rogalla von Bieberstein | Tobias Busen | Bernhard Fritsch
(German Archaeological Institute (DAI) | Berlin | Germany)

Keywords: disaster, cultural heritage rescue, mobile systems, data management

During the emergency rescue of built or movable cultural heritage in case of a disaster, a potentially large amount of information is collected. This includes basic information, specific types of documentation – both analogue as well as digital –, such as notes, sketches, photographs, video, audio, plans, geo- and 3D-information, furthermore damage and risk assessments, measures applied, relocation of objects, recommendations, etc. What is more, all this data is likely to be produced in a specific (short) time span by different people and teams, often simultaneously.
In order to be able to handle this data, smart infrastructures are needed which not only enable a project team to organize and access the data during the emergency operation – potentially without permanent access to electricity, internet, etc. –, but also to deliver it to stakeholders such as the entity or people responsible for the affected heritage.

This round table intends to discuss on how emergency rescue operations of cultural heritage can be supported/enhanced by intelligent data infrastructures and other digital tools in order to obtain data collections serviceable for the sustainable conservation of any type of cultural heritage affected by disaster.

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