How to use the data to improve the management and the visitors’ experience

Call for Papers

Chair: Cristina MOSCONI
(University of Exeter, UK)

Keywords: visitor generated data collection, user profiling, real-time tracking, data analytics, visitor intelligence 

Cultural and heritage institutions are in a constant strive to improve their premises and enrich their visitors’ experience. When contemplating a site improvement program, a common concern for visitor attractions is that they do not have ‘big’ data, or even ‘enough’ data, to support their plans. Yet the opposite is often true. The nature of activities related to visitors’ experience and how they interact with the site premises calls for an incredible data richness.

This session invites papers focusing on the use of visitor-generated data to help cultural and heritage site managers to improve the visitors’ experience at their premises. The session welcomes research and case-based practices investigating the benefits and the constraints encountered in the use and/or the development of data points gathering. Paper should be looking at practices based on the use of real-time data collection and machine learning, including, but not be limited to, traditional and online surveys/polls, web and app analytics, social media profiling, visitor heatmaps and user flow provided by IoT connected devices such as Bluetooth iBeacons, WiFi Routers, Ultra-Wideband Anchors or eye-tracking.

This session aims at opening a conversation on computational approaches for capturing and analysing visitor data that can provide site managers with a better understanding of their motivations, interactions and experiences at cultural and heritage sites.

Send us your submission until September 3, 2021