Christof SCHUBERT | Reiner GÖLDNER
(Archaeological Heritage Office Saxony, Germany)

Keywords: excavation, survey, total station, GIS

The importance of GIS in archaeology has been constantly growing over the last years, not only for analysis and interpretation, but also for on-site documentation. In cooperation with the Archaeological Museum Hamburg, Tachy2GIS has been developed as a QGIS plugin to allow “live” measurements with Leica total stations in QGIS. A prototype of this plugin has been tested over several months on excavations at the opencast mines near Weißwasser (Saxony). During these tests, the team improved the excavation specific geodata structure and developed a specific user interface to optimally support excavation workflows. The presentation will outline the current state, first experiences made in excavation practice and give an outlook on the further development of this FOSS project.

Fig. 1. Workshop Teaser “Digitale Grabungsdokumentation – objektiv und nachhaltig” (© R. Goeldner)

Workshop „Digitale Grabungsdokumentation – objektiv und nachhaltig“, Dresden 2018-02
C. Schubert: Digitale Grabungsdokumentation in Sachsen aus grabungstechnischer Sicht
J. Räther, C. Schubert: Werkstatt-Resümee TachyGIS