Kasra SEIRAFI, Fluxguide Ausstellungssysteme GmbH, Vienna, Austria

Keywords: mobile e-learning, location based gamification, augmented reality, city archeology, multimedia tour

Funded by the 2018 Interreg project “Valorisation of Roman cultural sites in Eastern Bavaria and Upper Austria“, Fluxguide developed the app “Heroes of the Roman Age“ for the city of Wels.
The app is a gamified multimedia tour of the city center. Augmented reality applications playfully bring to life Roman inhabitants of the city („Heroes“) and scenic representations of various locations. The app entertains, surprises and animates to learn more about the city archeology of Wels (former Ovilava).
The story: Emperor Hadrian comes to Ovilava to put together a delegation of heroes to help Rome out of the crisis. The blacksmith Septimus Ursus, for example, is to form tools for the reconstruction of Rome, the cloth trader Caius Betuus Communis can supply the materials for the freezing people in Rome and the released Argentonius Martialis knows how to burn bricks and should support the reconstruction. The heroes have no fixed locations, with each tour you will find them at different spots, which are marked with special signs.
Once the app has been installed on the mobile device for free, the target signs trigger the animated augmented reality stagings. A bronze equestrian statue appears virtually, or the gate of the gigantic city wall opens. A bit further, it steams out of the pots of the food stall.
Those who carefully study the historical short explanations and correctly answer the quiz questions may collect points.
Those who have demonstrably completed all stations will be rewarded with a heroes card collection.
This app provides an unprecedented combination of mobile e-learning, location based gamification and augmented reality for school education. It enables teachers and students to learn about history, archeology and the European heritage. The project was consulted by renowed archeologists and historians which guaranteed high-level content backing the didactical and gamified learning approach.