(Apiero Technologies USA, India)

Keywords: Gateways, canons, palaces, historic temples

The application is designed keeping in mind the usage by school children, teachers,parents, other than global visitors.
The application opens with location of 275 Heritage components across the length and breath of the city in forty plus categories/typologies. The curator has added her 14 years of reaserch data in the form of Text, Pictures, 200 handmade drawings,50 audio and 50 video files. She has trained 12 children to record audio files that are about poems facts and folklores on Heritage components.
Madhu Vottery has taken many lectures for thousands of students (especially during present pandemic) of different age groups(grade 2 to 12) and fields (architecture, tourism, history) of many private and Govt institutions. These were actually the Virtual tours conducted with the help of this application.
She has been honourded by various agencies and Govt of India for her work.
A heritage component can be searched in this application easily with its name and alternatively by the category/historic typology it belongs too.
It has natural Heritage components too. It is very useful tool to create awareness about the rich Cultural Heritage of her city.
She has presented this work at ICOMOS too.
The details of her talks can be checked on FB page of Madhu Vottery