Call for Papers

Photogrammetry, Georeferencing, Monitoring and Surveying

(HTW Dresden, Germany)

Keywords: image-based 3d reconstruction, photogrammetry, sfm, aerial, maritim

Image-based 3D reconstruction is one of the standard tools used in archaeological excavations above and under water. Nevertheless, standardised workflows and recommendations for coping with and storing the enormous data are largely lacking. Especially in the field of underwater archaeology, practical solutions for reliable georeferencing are sought.

In this session we want to talk about practical solutions and show current tools in the field of image-based 3D reconstruction.

Focussing on key aspects of managing surveys, this session invites papers dealing with topics such as:

  • complete workflows and case-studies
  • decision/planning support processes for excavation campaigns
  • camera and lighting solutions for underwater archaeology
  • monitoring: continuous excavation and site recording for
  • conservation and long-term studies
  • and data management solutions for recorded data and
  • long-term accessibility of 3D data.

Contributions and perspectives are welcome, and may include the topics listed above or further improve established practise and processes.

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