Advanced Archaeological Training

Talila YEHIEL1 / Shani ZIV2 | Christina KRAL-BÖRNER3
(1The Mofet Institute, Israel | 2The Wanderer Ltd. | 3Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Austria)

Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Digital Curation, Education, Public Engagement

Based on our work and experiences from last years “Inside/Outside Visual Heritage” (, a location based game created for the congress “Visual Heritage”, we would like to present the concept and structure that lie underneath and give participants the chance to experience and edit scientific / research activities.

For a start we will discuss the meaning and the challenges of Digital Curation around heritage sites, how to establish a learning group that will share ideas and experimental experiences and how to create a game for a target group. As part of this discussion, we want to emphasize challenges of turning Heritage sites to themes such as balancing textual content and visual content, sustainability and public engagement. Depending on the setting of the workshop an insight into will be interactively given to the participants. 

Afterward, the more practical part follows: how to create a Museum Run and especially how to edit its content, the stations. Participants are invited to try out and edit their own stations either with their own or with already prepared content. We would love to demonstrate the use and reuse of visual output such as 2D (historic or contemporary), 360 photos, and 3D-objects into a theme – for instance comparing Greek and Roman sculpturing. 

Throughout the presentation and analysis of the newly edited stations themes like digital storytelling, visitors engagement and its benefit for cultural institutions will be discussed.

We hope to create a collaborative working group exploring the long term implementation of thematic integration of visual heritage into a repository.