(VU-University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Keywords: interconnectivity, data warehouse Italian city-states

15th century city-state Italy is booming in the 21st century thanks to television programs like The Borgia’s and Da Vincis Demons. The audience is being dazzle by larger than life characters, 3d reconstructions and the implication that all is based on historical facts.
However when we look at the amount of data available from this period and the interconnectivity between the different strands of data (i.e. paintings, royal families, the city states, one is left with a lacuna. NO data warehouse exits in which one can lay a connection between a spawn of the ruling families (like Catharina Sforza) and the relationship with other families, ownership of cities and lands beyond, astrology and espionage etc.
Two years ago the students from the VU-University Amsterdam started under the tutelage of B. Ridderhof on the project to firstly design and develop and data warehouse for the city-states of 15th century Italy and to collect relevant basic data.  From the start all the relevant data had to share Interconnectivity with all other basic data collected. Now the first results will be presented.
Using two paintings (one of which is a portrait of Catharina Sforza) This presentation will show how the different type of data are connected and that it will be possible to enter the finished data warehouse from multiple angles for research date.