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Keywords: Virtual Reality

Memoria: Stories of La Garma is an interactive virtual reality journey narrated by Geraldine Chaplin that gives audiences the chance to explore the stories trapped intact inside the cave of La Garma for more than 16.000 years. Despite the relatively recent discovery of La Garma cave system in 1991, its sensitive ecosystem means that only about 50 visitors have ever been granted access since then.
The cultural and heritage institutions that support La Garma are eager for this prehistoric wonder to be more widely accessed, but the question has always been, how can this be done in a safe, non-invasive and sustainable manner?
Our virtual reality experience enables the core principles of these heritage organizations: allowing a fascinating but fragile ecosystem to be shared with the world.
In addition, the immersive experience is also acting as a tool for scientists and archaeologists to explore and interact with the cave system in a novel way that may result in new discoveries. The user can walk around three spaces of the cave, captured with millimetric precision using laser scanners and photogrammetry, and unleash the memories of each space, including palaeolithic hunters, a mom and her child and the terrifying cave lion who made his way deep into the cave to live his final days.
Using real time 3D we allow the user to move in 6DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) and have total freedom of movement to explore the rooms in the cave.
With its unique combination of entertainment and education, its focus on storytelling, the presence of a world renowned actress like Geraldine Chaplin and its arresting music and visuals, we believe Memoria has all the qualities needed to become an unforgettable virtual reality experience and a reference for immersive education around the world.
At the beginning of July 2019, Memoria opened its first installation at the Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria in Santander, 30 kilometers away from the real cave.
In 3 months running, Memoria has never had an empty slot, bringing a stream of about 900 people to the museum, and a lot more who come only to watch others enjoy in virtual reality.
The installation included a custom-made kiosk at the entrance of the Museum’s foyer for 2 simultaneous users allowing 6 users per hour in an area of 6.25 square meters per user.