A. Morintz / C. Schuster
(Archäologisches Institut, Zentrum für Thrakologie, Bucharest, Romania)

Our attention was mostly focused upon Tri-dimensional Models of archaeological Sites on the Lower Danube, from the territory of Romania.
Examples. We advanced a first example, belonging to the Aeneolithic site at Cernavoda. The evolution of the terrain in time can be traced by comparing the model situations in 1910, 1917 and 1954.
The second example is the settlement at Babadag, dated back in the Early Iron Age, located on the shore of the lake bearing the same name, situated in the central Dobroudja. Starting by plotting those data on the plan, we have tried to create a complex image of the situation in the field. We have also included the top views, North-Western, North-Eastern, South-Eastern and South-Western views.
Without insisting upon it, we should say that our approach, for both examples, was not limited just to those presented above. It was also tried the reconstruction with regard to the image of constructions and appended complexes (pits etc.) by considering the habitation levels. There were also reconstructed the constructions, no matter if they were deepened or at the ground surface.