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Table of Contents

Index of Authors



Workshops [Download pdf,  10.5 MB]

Presentations of Urban Archaeologies in Central Europe

Emil CREANGA / Ruxandra NEMTEANU / Ileana BUDISTEANU / Darius COSTEA – Sibiu: a missing link in the city’s memory

Paul MITCHELL – Post-medieval Archaeology in Vienna

Ronald RISY – Stadtarchäologie St. Pölten – Vergangenheit und Zukunft?

Ute SCHOLZ / Martin KRENN – Stadtarchäologie in Tulln: Die Großgrabungen 2005–2009

Josip VIŠNJI? – Rijeka – Tarsatica. Presentation of the Roman Period Predecessor

Paula ZSIDI – Stadtarchäologie in Budapest – Forschungen zur Provinzhauptstadt Aquincum

Kulturportale: Die Stadt im Internet – Archäologie, Stadtgeschichte, Kulturelles Erbe

Leo ANDERGASSEN – Kulturgüter Südtirols – nachschlagbar für Alle

Marko GÖLS – Die Sammlung Österreich. Kulturpool – Das zentrale Übersichts- und Suchportal des digitalen österreichischen Kulturerbes

Thomas JÖCHLER – wien.at mit Stil. Der Relaunch von wien.at 2010 und die Rolle des Styleguides

Karl WIESAUER – Tiroler Kunstkataster – Vernetzung regionaler Kulturgüterdaten

Sessions Part 1 [Download pdf, 23.9 MB]

Urban Archaeology – Session Dedicated to Samuel Paley

Willem BEEX – In Memoriam Professor Samuel Michael Paley. A short personal obituary, based on many e-mails!

David BIBBY – What is Urban Archaeology? Some short notes from a practitioner

Gebhard J. Selz – A Scribe in his city. Reconstructing a day in a scribe’s life in the Early Dynastic period

Urban Archaeology and New Technologies

Jaap Evert ABRAHAMSE / Menne KOSIAN / Erik SCHMITZ – Urban Economics. Urban Development, Land Use and the Real Estate Market in Early Modern Amsterdam

Laura CASTRIANNI/ Giacomo DI GIACOMO/ Imma DITARANTO / Giuseppe SCARDOZZI – Archaeological maps of ancient urban settlements characterised by continuity of occupation: a tool f    or historical research and protection of cultural heritage

Matylda GIERSZEWSKA – GIS Application in Archaeology – Advantages and Problems. Topography changes from the Middle Ages to the Present in the Area of the Palatium of Ingelheim

Sara GONIZZI BARSANTI / Massimo BRAINI – The archaeological map on digital support. The cases of Trieste and Cividale del Friuli

Glen MUSCHIO – Philadelphia, USA. The use of urban historical archaeology and digital technologies to interpret and better understand the birth of a nation

Apostolos SARRIS / Coral ARGUELLES / Dayton DYKSTRA – The Role of the Venetian Cities in the Evolution of the Modern Urban Centers of Crete

Mirella SERLORENZI / Andrea DE TOMMASI – S.I.T.A.R. – Sistema Informativo Territoriale Archeologico di Roma. A repository of archaeological data for conservation of cultural heritage and town planning

Francesca SOGLIANI / Dimitris ROUBIS – Strategies and new technologies for urban archaeology: Matera, a town of UNESCO World Heritage

Giorgio VERDIANI / Graziano CORSARO – Cryptoporticus: a hidden system under the skin of the ancient town

Lost Cities

Francesco GABELLONE / Giuseppe SCARDOZZI- Reconstruction of the urban landscape of an ancient metropolis in Asia Minor: integration of 2D and 3D technologies and methodologies in Hierapolis of Phrygia (Turkey)

A Critical View on Urban 3D Reconstruction Models

Matthias FLÜCK – The printed legionary camp of Vindonissa. The development of a new digital and physical model of Vindonissa

Katharina HOLZINGER / Manfred LEHNER / Markus FASSOLD / Andreas HOLZINGER – Ubiquitous Computing for Augmenting the Learning Experience within an Urban Archaeological Tour in the City of Graz by use of an ArcheoApp for the iPhone

Dominik MASCHEK / Michael SCHNEYDER / Marcel TSCHANNERL – Visualising a phantom: 3D-reconstruction, architectural survey and modern urbanistic valorisation of Schloss Neugebäude, Vienna

Suzana POLIC RADOVANOVIC – 3D reconstruction and the formulation of a new paradigm of archaeological spaces

Alfred SCHÄFER / Marcus TRIER / Claus Daniel HERRMANN – A harbour gate in Roman Cologne. Hand measurements, laser scanning and digital reconstruction

Sessions Part 2 [Download pdf, 12.2 MB]


Serra AKBOY – Archaeology: A Mediated Practice of Technology and Digital Tools. Three-dimensional Laser Scanning as a Case Study Analysis

Lisa BROWN – Fleeing for their lives: Archaeology of the underground railroad in St. Charles, Illinois

Michael HIRZBAUER / Linus WALTENBERGER / Michael VASKU – Analysis of the Mastaba of Ptahshepses using space syntax

Sikko NEUPERT – St. Mang Square in Kempten. Interdisciplinary Reconstruction and Public Presentation of a churchyard’s history

Gone Digital – Digital Applications in Cultural Heritage Research with no Analogue Alternatives

Benedetta ADEMBRI / Sergio DI TONDO / Filippo FANTINI – Architecture with concave and convex rhythms and its decoration in Hadrian age: the south pavilion of Piazza d’Oro in Hadrian’s Villa

Erik BOASSON / Wouter BOASSON – Data integration technology in cultural research

Natascia CACCETTA / Giovanna PATTI – Antra Cyclopis and the others. The dimension of the entertainment in the ancient town

Erik DOBAT / Sandra WALKSHOFER / Christof FLÜGEL – Mainlimes Mobil – Presenting Archaeology and Museums with the help of smartphones

Peter DORNINGER / Marco BRUNNER – Highly Accurate Photorealistic Modeling of Cultural Heritage Assets

Mirco PUCCI / Alessandro BLANCO – Ad thermas: a system between private and public life in the ancient town

How Archaeology Survives in Big Cities: Structures of Urban Archaeology

Armand BAERISWYL – Archaeology is part of culture! Reflections on the subject of archaeology and the public

Jay CARVER – The urban archaeology of the London Crossrail Project. Approach, organisational management, challenges of integration

Lea ?ATAJ – Rijeka – Pul Vele crikve. Archaeological research of roman baths in the old town of Rijeka (Croatia)

Ann DEGRAEVE – Urban Archaeology in a European Capital: the Brussels’ experience

Zrinka MILEUSNI? – Urban archaeology of Koper/Capodistria

Special Items and Methods

Peter FERSCHIN / Iman KULITZ / Peter JÁNOSI – Digital Architecture meets Egyptology. An Experiment in Interdisciplinary Education

Olga Le?bychová / Irena Loskotová – The Internet Encyclopaedia of the Brno History, the City on Display

Vincent MOM / Joachim SCHULTZE/ Sigrid WROBEL / Dieter ECKSTEIN – Which timbers were cleft from the same tree?

Kari UOTILA – Perditurus. Project to preserve and research Nordic Medieval Town Culture

Postersession [Download pdf, 8.5 MB]

Valeria BOI / Federica LAMONACA / Milena STACCA – Height data from archaeological investigations for the reconstruction of the subsoil. 3D data from archaeological investigations for the reconstruction of the subsoil

Laura CASTRIANNI / Giuseppe SCARDOZZI – Mossyna: The rediscovery of a “lost city” in the territory of Hierapolis in Phrygia (Turkey)

Radu CIOBANU – The Ianus Temple from Ro?ia Montan? – epigraphy, architecture and space meaning

Giuseppe Diana / Silvana Fais – IR Thermography and Ultrasonic Investigations in the Cultural Heritage Field

Leyla ETYEMEZ / A. Guliz B?LG?N ALTINÖZ – Urban Archaeology and the Re-Constitution of Historical Continuity. The Case of Amasya, Turkey

Silvana FAIS / Paola LIGAS / Marcella Palomba – Assessment of the Conservation State of Masonry Structures in Monumental Buildings by the Integrated Use of Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Techniques and Mineral Analyses

Matylda GIERSZEWSKA / Piotr NOSZCZY?SKI – The Historical Maps from Ingelheim as a Data Source for Archaeology

Petra GRINGMUTH / Stefania PICCIOLA / Simone RUGGERI – SITAR Web-GIS: A Tool for Managing Archeological Data in the Cultural Heritage Conservation and Town Planing

Tanja Ratilainen – Quest for Medieval Masons and the Building Techniques They Applied

Esra TEKDAL-EMNIYETI / Karl-Heinz HAEFELE /Joerg ISELE – Preliminary Results of Semantic 3D Modeling of Seddülbahir Fortress Using Laser Scanning Data