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Table of Contents

Index of Authors


Workshops [Download pdf, 4.9 MB]

Georeferencing Historical Maps

David BIBBY – More or less 90°. Georeferencing Peter Nenning’s plan of the Benedictine Abbey of Petershausen, Konstanz, South West Germany

Menne KOSIAN – Now you see it, now you don’t. Integrating remote-sensing data with historical data in changing environments

Sandra RIEKE – Digitizing and rectifying historical plans of Cherchel and Großkrotzenberg

Christof SCHUPPERT / Georg BREITNER – Integration of historical cartographic material in geographic information systems at the Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz / Germany

Sessions Part 1 [Download pdf, 23.4 MB]

Prospection and Remote Sensing – Advanced Methods for Archaeology

Cristina CORSI / Michael KLEIN / Guenther WEINLINGER – The Roman town of Ammaia (Portugal): From total survey to 3D reconstruction

 Giacomo Di Giacomo / Gianni Leucci / Giuseppe Scardozzi – Archaeological surveys and geophysical prospecting for the reconstruction of the Messapian city walls in Ugento (South Italy, Lecce)

Apostolos SARRIS / Nikos PAPADOPOULOS – Geophysical Surveying in Urban Centers of Greece

Susanne TIEFENGRABER – Large scaled area LIDAR-data analysis at the example of Styria

Data Integration, Data Handling and Data Processing/Analysis

Benedetta ADEMBRI / Sergio DI TONDO / Filippo FANTINI – New advancing of the research on the architecture with concave and convex rhythms at Hadrian’s Villa: reconstruction hypothesis on the southern nymphaeum of the Piazza d’Oro

Benedetta ADEMBRI / Francisco JUAN VIDAL / Isabel MARTÍNEZ-ESPEJO ZARAGOZA – Hunting friezes of the Piazza d’Oro at Hadrian’s Villa. New hypothesis for a virtual reconstruction inside an integrated research strategy

Davide GHERDEVICH/ Sara GONIZZI BARSANTI / Donata DEGRASSI – Historic and archaeological itineraries for the discovery of Friuli during the Lombard period

Irmela HERZOG / Alden YÉPEZ – Prerequisites for Find Density Analysis. Analysis of Survey Data from an East Andean Region

Anna Margherita JASINK / Grazia TUCCI / Daniela CINI – MUSINT: a virtual habitat for relocated archaeological artifacts

Francisco JUAN VIDAL / Isabel MARTÍNEZ-ESPEJO ZARAGOZA – Hypotesis for the virtual anastilosis of the main chapel of the iglesia de Los Desamparados de Les Coves de Vinromá

Apostolos SARRIS / Eilis MONAHAN – Matters of Integration and Scale: New Efforts in Magnetometry Data Management at a Late Neolithic Settlement Site in Hungary

Francesco Uliano SCELZA – From traditional data to formal analysis. A proposal for comparing data from different survey methods in the coastal territory in southern Italy

Claus SCHEIBLAUER / Michael PREGESBAUER – Consolidated Visualization of Enormous 3D Scan Point Clouds with Scanopy

Esra Tekdal-Emniyeti / Rahmi Nurhan Ҫelik – Integration of different geodetic measurement techniques for renovation and restoration of cultural heritage

Tsoni Tsonev / Georgi Nekhrizov – Prototype GIS for Analysis and Protection of the Bulgarian Archaeological Heritage – ArchGIS

Sebastian VETTER / Gunnar SIEDLER – Unwrapping of a column on the base of automatically generated surface models

3D Reconstruction from Urban Surveys

Stefano COLUMBU / Giorgio VERDIANI – From the small elements to the urban scale: an investigation where petrophysical study of materials and architectural shape analysis try to read a masterplan in the Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli (Rome, Italy)

Peter DORNINGER / Robert KALASEK / Ingrid ADENSTEDT – Quantity versus Quality in Cultural Heritage Documentation

Peter FERSCHIN / Monika DI ANGELO – Procedural Modelling of Traditional Balinese Settlements

Emmanuelle REGAGNON / Olivier BARGE – The city plan as an information system. The example of the Middle Islamic city of Qalhât (Oman)

Pablo RODRÍGUEZ-NAVARRO / Filippo FANTINI – The interpretation of archaeological persistence to generate digital 3D architectural typologies. The case of ksar Tatiouine in the Moroccan High Atlas

Lost Cities – Prospections and Hypothetical Urbanistic Reconstructions

Dalibor BARTONĚK / Stanislava DERMEKOVÁ / Irena OPATŘILOVÁ – The Prediction Model in Archaeology

Dominik MASCHEK / Michael SCHNEYDER / Marcel TSCHANNERL – The civilian town of Carnuntum (Lower Austria) in time and space. A multi-layered approach towards the reconstruction of urban transformation

Attilio MASTROCINQUE / Fabio SAGGIORO / Hansjörg THALER – New Aspects of Urbanism in Grumentum

Sessions Part 2 [Download pdf, 26.9 MB]

Kulturportale – Virtual Cultural Heritage

Emil CREANGA / Ruxandra NEMTEANU / Ileana BUDISTEANU – Lost historic and cultural benchmarks are a loss of urban memory? The urban planners’ dilemma

Tatiana LASKA / Irina TSIMBAL / Sergey GOLUBKOV / Yulia PETROVA – Virtual reconstruction of monumental painting of the Church Spas-na-Nereditse in the city of Novgorod the Great

Barbara MAZZEI / Laura PECCHIOLI – A tool in Cultural Heritage: the web application for the Museum of the sculpture in the Basilica of St. Silvestro at the Catacombs of Priscilla

Yulia PETROVA – Virtual Museum of the Delta of the Neva River

Streets, Roads and Squares – Development, Function and Conversion

Radu CIOBANU – From roman Dacia principia and fora to public market places in Transylvania

Sara PERSICHINI – The tripartite fora of the Augustan age in Lusitania

Mihailo St. POPOVIĆ / Markus BREIER – Tracing Byzantine Routes. Medieval Road Networks in the Historical Region of Macedonia and Their Reconstruction by Least-Cost Paths

Liisa SEPPÄNEN – Lost but found underground. Construction, development and maintenance of medieval streets and squares of Turku (Finland)

Streets, Roads and Squares – Continuity versus Discontinuity 

Ingeborg GAISBAUER / Sylvia SAKL-OBERTHALER – Retrogression, transformation and restart. Various aspects of streets and squares in Vienna´s first district from the Roman period to modern times

Sara GONIZZI BARSANTI / Massimo BRAINI – From Tergeste to Trieste. Lines of urban development

Olena ONOGDA – Late Medieval Archaeological Layers of Kyiv and Their Key Role in Studying City Structures (13th–15th cent.)

Sergij TARANENKO – The street network of Kyiv Podil in X–XIII centuries by the archaeological records

Pre-Excavation Strategies

Jaap Evert ABRAHAMSE / Erik SCHMITZ – DATASCAPE. Survey and Data Integration in the Amstelland Atlas Project

Francesca ANICHINI / Gabriele GATTIGLIA – Archaeological predictive model of an urban area. The study case of Pisa, Italy

Jay CARVER / Mike COURT / Nick ELSDEN – The London Crossrail project, desk study, reconnaissance and evaluation. Data sources and outcomes. Liverpool Street – a case study

Elisabeth Ida FAULSTICH – Urban Archaeology – Village Archaeology? Utility trenches through villages as archaeological prospection

Gilbert SOETERS / René ISARIN – Archaeology in the Maastricht A2 project: a tunnelvision


Panaiotis KRUKLIDIS – Multimedia Reconstruction Techniques to communicate the past. A study about the Homeric Epic

Stefan NIEDERMAIR / Peter FERSCHIN – An Augmented Reality Framework for On-Site Visualization of Archaeological Data

Mieke PFARR-HARFST – Documentation system for digital reconstructions. Reference to the Mausoleum of the Tang-Dynastie at Zhaoling, in Shaanxi Province, China

Maarten SMEETS / Geoff AVERN – Recording Excavations with a Metrology Tracking System

Giles SPENCE-MORROW / Edward R. SWENSON /John P. WARNER – Modelling Urban Ceremonial Performance in Late Formative Peru. The Case of Jatanca

Postersession [Download pdf, 11.7 MB]

Dinara ABBASOVA / Afet RUSTAMBEYOVA / Mahfuza ZEYNALOVA – About the use of latest technologies for determining the metal composition of archaeological jewellery

Giovanni ANZANI / Elena FABRIZI / Giorgio VERDIANI – Abu Simbel. A re-lecture after half a century

Margarita-Niki ASSIMAKOPOULOS / Anastasia TSOLAKI / Eleni-Ioanna PETRAKI – Vernacular Sustainability at Santorini

Dalibor BARTONĚK / Stanislava DERMEKOVÁ / Irena OPATŘILOVÁ – Historical Maps in GIS

Antonia CHOUVARDA – Evaluation research of the educational role of Ιnformation and Communication Technology (ICT) for the presentation of the Past (Case Study: Hellenic Cosmos, Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens)

Carmela CRESCENZI / Filippo GIANSANTI / Paolo FORMAGLINI – Carved stone and web geography. A full digital approach to localization and information handling for rupestrian monuments

Silvana FAIS / Concetta FERRARA / Paolo FRONGIA / Paola LIGAS / Giuseppe PIRAS – Digital processing of IR Thermography and ultrasonic signals in the diagnostics of carbonate building materials

Silvana FAIS / Paola LIGAS / Francesco CUCCURU / Paola BASOLI / Graziella DETTORI / Paola DUI – Diagnostic Process of a Megalithic Monument by Ultrasonic Measurements

Reiner GÖLDNER – Billions of Points for Archaeology

Axel G. POSLUSCHNY / Christopher R. MUSSON – ArchaeoLandscapes Europe. Increasing Public Appreciation, Understanding and Conservation of the Landscape and Archaeological Heritage of Europe

Alka STARAC – The Lost Roman Sanctuary in Pula

Rada VARGA – Pre-excavation research at the site of Ala I Batavorum from Dacia