of the

23rd International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies

held in Vienna, Austria November 2018

Key Note Speech

Franc SOLINA, Slovenia: 3D Point Clouds for Documentation, Analysis and Promotion of Cultural Heritage Artifacts [pdf 1,6 MB]


Visual Experience of the Past – Multiple ways to visualize Cultural Heritage for the General Public
Chairs: Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Willem BEEX, The Netherlands
Session Download [pdf 10,5 MB]

Andrea ASCHAUER | Jeremiah DIEPHUIS | Michael LANKES | Jürgen HAGLER, Austria: Exhibiting the Virtual House of Medusa: Lessons Learned from a Playful Collaborative Virtual Archaeology Installation in Various Museum Exhibitions [pdf 543 kB]
Cristiana BARANDONI, Italy: Mann-In-Colours. The First Italian Database on Polychromy of Ancient Sculptures [pdf 528 kB]
Monica BERCIGLI, Italy: Masada, the Desert Fortress. Discovering the Archaeological Site by Gaming [pdf 1,2 MB]
Zdravko DIMITROV, Bulgaria: The Complex of villa rustica Near Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria – Archaeology, Possible Reconstructions and Some Ideas Using New Technologies [pdf 2,3 MB]
Christoph LOBINGER | Christiane HEMKER, Germany: The International Project VirtualArch: Visualization and Presentation of Hidden Archaeological Heritage Across Central Europe [ pdf 800 kB]
Adele MAGNELLI, Italy: Casanova Museum & Experience: How to Integrate History with Virtual Reality in Order to Relive the Past [pdf 2,8 MB]
Christopher MORSE | Marleen DE KRAMER, Luxembourg: What’s in a Name: Gamifying the Intangible History of Larochette, Luxembourg [pdf 303 kB]
Eva PIETRONI | Enzo D’ANNIBALE | Alfonsina PAGANO, Italy: The Use of Holographic Showcases Inside the Museum’s Context [287 kB]
Laura POMPEI | Oliviero ELETTI | Luca GUGLIERMETTI | Franco GUGLIERMETTI | Luciano RICCIARDI | Alessia D’ANGELO | Barbara DE LIETO VOLLARO, Italy: Perceived Quality as Assessment Tool for the Test Case Amore e Psiche Domus in Ostia Antica [pdf 1,2 MB]
Ylenia RICCI | Giorgio VERDIANI | Andrea PASQUALI, Italy: A Petrified Petrifying Eyesight: A Story for the MEDUSA’S HEADS from Istanbul, Turkey [pdf 1,5 MB]
Konstantina SIOUNTRI | Emmanouil SKONDRAS | Dimitrios D. VERGADOS | Christos-Nikolaos ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Greece: The Revival of Back-filled Monuments through Augmented Reality (AR) [pdf, 473 kB]
Davide TANASI | Stephan HASSAM | Kaitlyn KINGSLAND, USA: Virtual Karam Collection: 3D Digital Imaging and 3D Printing for Public Outreach in Archaeology [pdf 2,2 MB]
Davide PANTILE, Italy: Exploracity – An Innovative Platform Offering New Services for the Enhancement of Tourism and Cultural Heritage [pdf 208 kB]

3D Documentation in Underwater Archaeology: Photogrammetry, Georeferencing, Monitoring, and Surveying
Chairs: Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ, Germany | Luca BEZZI, Italy

Michaela REINFELD | Bernhard FRITSCH | Wolfgang FILSER, Germany: Underwater 3D Recording of the Harbour System of the villa maritima at the Cape of Sorrento [pdf 1,9 MB]

From analogue death to digital re-birth – reconstructing written heritage
Chair: Katharina KASKA, Austria
Session Download [pdf 6,3 MB]

Ivana DOBCHEVA | Veronika WÖBER, Austria: Reconstructing the Fragmented Library of Mondsee Abbey [pdf 768 kB]
Roger EASTON | Chet VAN DUZER | Kevin SACCA, USA: Multispectral Processing Methods to Recover Text from the World Map by Martellus (c. 1491) [pdf 3,3 MB]
Leif GLASER | Ivan SHEVCHUK | Daniel DECKERS | Martin TOLKIEHN | Ira RABIN | Oliver HAHN, Germany: Improving Iron Gall Ink X-ray Flourescence element mapping [pdf 315 kB]
Keith KNOX, USA: Recovery of Lost Text: What the Scholars and Scientists Learn from Collaboration [pdf 1 MB]
Ira RABIN | Oliver HAHN | Katharina KASKA, Germany: Why do we need to study inks? [pdf 666 kB]
Claudia RÖMER, Austria: Determining the Origin of Some Marginal Notes of Cod. ÖNB H.O. 42a through Ink Analysis [pdf 307 kB]

The Employment of Mobile Applications for Survey, Documentation and Information
Chair: Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria

Gabriel WURZER | Hans RESCHREITER | Fiona POPPENWIMMER, Austria | Jiri UNGER, Czech Republic | Christoph LOBINGER | Christiane HEMKER, Germany: Producing Location-Based Heritage Apps Using Only a ZIP File [pdf 255 kB]

App – Session
Organizer: Günther WEINLINGER | Michael KLEIN, Austria

Sandra L. LÓPEZ VARELA, Mexico: Alternative Mexico: A Mobile Application Empowering Heritage 2.0 [pdf 3,3 MB]

Images of the past – challenges of computer generated image-based representation of cultural heritage
Chairs: Krzysztof KOSZEWSKI, Poland | Fabrizio Ivan APOLLONIO, Italy | Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI, Germany
Session Download [pdf 7,2 MB]

Robert Peter BARRATT, UK: Defining a Methodology for 3D Approximations in Archaeology: The Issue with Alternative Models [pdf 262 kB]
Aneta BUCHNER | Małgorzata MARKIEWICZ, Poland: 3D Images as a Source for Analysis and Interpretation of Data Obtained During Archaeological Research [pdf 1,4 MB]
Laura FARRONI | Matteo Flavio MANCINI , Italy: Deferred Executions: Digital Transcriptions of Unbuilt Architectural Projects [pdf 1 MB]
Marc GRELLERT, Germany | Fabrizio Ivan APOLLONIO, Italy | Bob MARTENS, Austria | Norbert NUßBAUM, Germany: Working Experiences with the Reconstruction Argumentation Method (RAM) – Scientific Documentation for Virtual Reconstruction [pdf 1,8 MB]
Dominik LENGYEL | Catherine TOULOUSE, Germany: Interactive Virtual Reality for a Grasping Understanding of an Architectonic Concept [pdf 796 kB]
Vladan ZDRAVKOVIC, Serbia: Developing and Maintaining of the Long-term 3D Visualization Projects Caričin Grad – Justiniana Prima [pdf 767 kB]
Denis ZHEREBYATYEV | Ivan TRISHIN | Danila DRIGA | Maxim MIRONENKO | Svetlana BORISOVA | Sergei KARTASHOV, Russia: Cultural Heritage Preservation of Pre-Mongol Rus: Reconstruction of Lost Stories. White-Stoned Carved Reliefs of the St. George’s Cathedral (Yuriev-Polski Town, Vladimir Region, Russia) of the XIII Century [pdf 690 kB]

What to do with all the 3D data? Analyzing, Interpreting, Saving, Recycling
Chairs: Vera MOITINHO DE ALMEIDA, Austria | Dirk RIEKE-ZAPP, Germany Session Download [pdf 4,3 MB]

Markus PÖCHTRAGER | Georg HOCHREINER | Norbert PFEIFER, Austria: Processing 3D Point Clouds of Historical Timber Structures for Analysing their Structural Behaviour pressed for Time [pdf, 761 kB]
Konstantina SIOUNTRI, Greece: The Three-dimensional Digital Representation of South Stoa (Portico) and Agonotheteion Mosaic in Ancient Corinth, Greece [pdf, 1,2 MB]
Ruth TENSCHERT | Max RAHRIG | Rainer DREWELLO | Sebastian KEMPGEN, Germany: Scratches? Scribbles? Scripture! Revealing the Unseen – 3D Scanning of Glagolitic Graffiti of the 10th Century at the Monastery of St. Naum [pdf 2,4 MB]

Digital versus Analogue – Challenges and Benefits in Archaeological Reconstructions and Presentations in Exhibitions
Chairs: Carmen LÖW | Karina GRÖMER, Austria
Session Download [pdf 5,3 MB]

Karina GRÖMER | Anton KERN | Andreas KROH, Austria: Critical Assessment of Media Stations in the Permanent Exhibition of the Natural History Museum Vienna: Prehistory and Palaeontology [pdf 2,3 MB]
Gernot HAUSAR, Austria: Digital First? Saving Digital Worlds, Artefacts and Inhabitants [pdf 128 kB]
Üftade MUŞKARA, Turkey: Industrial Heritage and Seka Paper Mill [pdf 4,2 MB]
Trinidad TORTOSA ROCAMORA | | M. DE LOS REYES DE SOTO GARCÍA | Carlos J. MORÁN SÁNCHEZ | María-Eugenia POLO | Guadalupe DURÁN-DOMÍNGUEZ, Spain: A Proposal for the Virtual Documentation and Dissemination of Information from Archaeological Objects [pdf 816 kB]

Visualising Controversial Heritage
Chairs: Willem BEEX, The Netherlands | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands
Session Download [pdf 5,5 MB]

Elisa MIHO | Kristiana KUMI | Julia DEMIRAJ, Albania: The Decommunization of the Pyramid in Tirana, the Mausoleum of Enver Hoxha [pdf 1,8 MB]
Wolfgang NEUBAUER | Nikolaus STUDNICKA | Bernhard GROISS | Mario WALLNER | Hannes SCHIEL | Klaus LÖCKER | Ralf TOTSCHNIG, Austria: Rosenburg – Rapid State-of-the-art 3D Documentation and Mapping of a Medieval Castle Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Unmanned Laser Scanning and Ground Penetrating Radar [pdf 3,4 MB]
Davide TANASI | Kaitlyn KINGSLAND | Michael DECKER | Michael CELESTIN, USA: Digitizing John Ringling’s Wisconsin Train Car at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida [pdf 1,4 MB]

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as Platforms of Method and Theory
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE | Irmela HERZOG, Germany
Session Download [pdf 4,3 MB]

Irmela HERZOG | Lothar WELLER, Germany: Towards Identifying the Course of a Route Mentioned in 1065 [pdf 1,7 MB]
Menne KOSIAN | Rowin VAN LANEN, The Netherlands: Without History no Climate Adaptation. The Importance of Historical-System Analyses in Changing Environments. A Case Study from the Netherlands [pdf 1,1 MB]
Reza SHARIFI, Germany | Alireza IBRAHIMI, Afghanistan: Spatial Data Infrastructure for Urban Heritage Conservation in Afghanistan: The Case Study of Herat [pdf 886 kB]

Heritage-BIM between Survey, Planning and Management
Chairs: Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria | Piotr KUROCZYNSKI, Germany
Session Download [pdf 3,8 MB]

Andrea ADAMI | Nazarena BRUNO | Olga ROSIGNOLI | Barbara SCALA, Italy: HBIM for Planned Conservation: A New Approach to Information Management [pdf 796 kB]
Lorenzo CECCON, Italy: A New Perspective on Heritage and Multi-dimensional representation with H-BIM
Gabriele FARRE | Emilia VALLETTA | Zarif EZDEŞIR, Italy: Letting a Wall Tell its Story: A Low-cost Interactive Proposal for Kyrenia Castle, Cyprus [pdf 1,4 MB]

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Conflict Areas
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium
Session Download [pdf 5,3 MB]

Silvia FLORINDI | Anna REVEDIN | Luca BACHECHI, Italy: The Awareness of Danger. African Rock Art in the Archive of the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory [pdf 2,1 MB]
Sofia MENCONERO | Dawid A. IURINO | Giorgio MANZI | Angelo BARILI | Marco CHERIN | Giovanni BOSCHIAN | Elgidius B. ICHUMBAKI | Fidelis T. MASAO | Jacopo MOGGI CECCHI, Italy: 3D Survey in Extreme Environment: The Case Study of Laetoli Hominin Footprints in Tanzania [pdf 2,9 MB]
Josephine SCHOENEBERG, Germany: Documentation – Observation – Evaluation. Ancient Yemen Digital Atlas (AYDA). A WebGIS Based Monument Information System [pdf 1 MB]

Ways to visualise time in archaeology and cultural heritage
Chairs: Michael DONEUS | Geert VERHOEVEN, Austria

Gabriel WURZER | Julia FORSTER | Andreas VOIGT | Richard KURDIOVSKY | Christoph HOFFMANN | Elmar SCHMIDINGER | Herbert WITTINE, Austria: Lessons Learned from Building a Time-Attributed Partonomy for the 4D-Visualization of the Vienna Hofburg [pdf 479 kB]

Locative media and heritage engagement in pre-modern urban Environments
Chairs: Fabrizio NEVOLA | Cristina MOSCONI, UK

Ana PLOSNIĆ ŠKARIĆ | Natko KATIČIĆ, Croatia: An Example of a Map-searchable Database: The Dubrovnik City Councils’ Deliberations 1400-1450 [pdf 1,4 MB]

PhD/Master session 2018
Chair: Martina POLIG, Cyprus
Session Download [pdf 3,6 MB]

Leticia CRESPILLO MARÍ, Spain: New Didactic Strategies: 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality as a Cataloguing Alternative of Light Environments and their Application in Museums and Art History Classrooms [pdf 1,2 MB]
Naoki MORI | Tokihisa HIGO | Hiroshi SUITA | Yoshihiro YASUMURO | Salman ALMAHARI | Kaoru SUEMORI, Japan: Visualization of the Past-to-Recent Changes in Archaeological Heritage based on 3D Digitization [pdf 1,3 MB]
Iulian GANCIU | Barbara RANKL | Jasmin SCHEIFINGER, Austria: Visualisation and Perception. Ephesos as a Modern Construct [pdf 725 kB]
Rolando VOLZONE, Portugal | Matteo BIGONGIARI | Federico CIOLI, Italy: The Church of St. George in the Kyrenia Castle in the North of the Island of Cyprus: Bringing out the Shape of Architectur [pdf 1,1 MB]

Organizer: Peter DORNINGER, Austria
Session Download [pdf 21,2 MB]

Carolina BARZACCHINI | Mirco PUCCI | Giovanna PATTI, Italy: The Island Ventotene: From a Story of Mediterranean Isolation to the Digital Survey and Interpretation of the Baths Area in Villa Giulia [pdf 1,6 MB]
Stefano BERTOCCI | Giorgio VERDIANI |Alessandro CAMIZ | Zeynep CEYLANLI |Müge ŞEVKETOĞLU, Turkey: The Kyrenia Castle, an Approach to Digital Documentation in the Cyprus Island [pdf 1,7 MB]
Barbara BUCHER | Andreas KOLBITSCH, Austria: Mapping Heritage in Vienna [pdf 523 kB]
Zeynep CEYLANLI | Ezgi ÇIÇEK | Pelin ARSLAN | Pembe ÖZEN, Turkey: Evolving from Castle to Virtual Space: The Case of Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum [pdf 782 kB]
Ambra COLACIONE | Paolo FORMAGLINI | Filippo GIANSANTI, Italy: Old and New School, the Evolution of the Survey Campaign in a Case Study about the Maddalena’s Bridge [pdf 1,5 MB]
Ángel M. FELICÍSIMO | María-Eugenia POLO | Guadalupe DURÁN DOMÍNGUEZ | Trinidad TORTOSA | Alicia RODERO, Spain: Rollout Archaeological Photography for the Graphic Documentation of Cultural Heritage [pdf 386 kB]
Stephan KARL | Paul BAYER | Hubert MARA | András MÁRTON, Austria: Advanced Documentation Methods in Studying Corinthian Black-figure Vase Painting [pdf 1,9 MB]
Arnaud SCHENKEL | Rudy ERCEK | Olivier DEBEIR, Belgium: 3D Digitization of the Brussels City Hall and the Medieval Archangel Michael Wind Vane: Architectural and Archaeological Exploitation [pdf 2,9 MB]
Francesca SOLINAS | Luca ALBERGONI, Italy: The Bellini Museum’s Gallery: From Tradition to Present Time Using Digital Documentation [pdf 2,5 MB]
Marco TANGANELLI | Giorgio VERDIANI | Raffaella PAOLUCCI, Italy: Great Statues and Seismic Vulnerability – A Photogrammetric Approach for Early Safeguard [pdf 2,2 MB]
Rodrigo TISI, Chile: Museography and Performativity: Installing the Space-time of TAIRA’s Eave [pdf 1,7 MB]
Nina TOLEVA-NOWAK | Wiktor NOWAK, Bulgaria: An Innovative Approach towards Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage Issues through the Lens of the Public Relations [pdf 3,1]


Advances in Image-based 3D Reconstruction and Modelling (SfM/MVS)
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Giorgio VERDIANI
Round Table Download [pdf 5,1 MB]

Henry-Louis GUILLAUME | Arnaud SCHENKEL, Belgium: Photogrammetry of Cast Collection, Technical and Analytical Methodology of a Digital Rebirth [pdf 2,1 MB]
Martina ATTENNI | Marika GRIFFO | Sofia MENCONERO | Almira KHAFIZOVA, Italy: A Workflow for Fast 3D Documentation: An Experience on Medieval Architectural Fragments [pdf 1,1 MB]
Panagiotis PARTHENIOS | Anna KARAGIANNI | Angeliki CHRISTAKI | Sofia MAVROUDI | Marilena MOCHIANAKI KARAMPATZAKI |Evangelos NITADORAKIS | Ioannis ROUSOGIANNAKIS , Greece: Combining Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) with Structure from Motion (SfM) 3D Point Clouds in Cultural Heritage [pdf 1,1 MB]
Stefano BERTOCCI | Giorgio VERDIANI | Müge ŞEVKETOĞLU, Italy: Graffiti Photogrammetry, Extracting the Signs from the Walls of the Kyrenia Castle [pdf 2,1 MB]


Digging Archaeological Data: Documents, Archives, Data Extraction and Visualization
Chairs: Christoph BLESL, Austria | David BIBBY | Manuela FISCHER, Germany | Christof HOFFMANN |Günther MÜHLBERGER | Martina TROGNITZ, Austria
Work Shop Download [pdf 1,9 MB]

Despoina TSIAFAKI | Natasa MICHAILIDOU, Greece: Ways to Cope with the Scientific ARENA: Taking the Results of Archaeological Research a Step Further [pdf 234 kB]
Olga LEČBYCHOVÁ | David NOVÁK | Martin KUNA | Zdenka KOSAROVÁ, Czech Republic: The Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic – A Big Solution for Big Data [pdf 1,6 MB]