Reconnaissance and evaluation technologies for world heritage sites and major infrastructure developments

Call for Papers

(4AD Consultants Ltd, UK | Heritage Direction, Ministry of the Brussels Capital Region, Belgium)

Keywords: Recconnaisance, evaluation, predictive methods, site detection, characterisation

This session will invite papers focused on reconnaissance and evaluation methods and new technological advances for revealing the “unseen” significance of archaeological landscapes. Papers are particularly welcomed from recent work in developing technologies for remote sensing and ground-based survey techniques at world heritage sites, and other sensitive landscapes, particularly those that have been assessed and evaluated in relation to development and infrastructure schemes.

Multispectral and hyperspectral survey, aerial LIDAR, geophysical techniques, artefact density distribution and intrusive evaluation interventions, are increasingly being combined into a multi-method spectrum of surveys on the same landscape. These are proving effective at assessing and characterizing large areas quickly and cost effectively as technologies and application of predictive archaeological land models are revisited with access to modern GIS and ability to analyse multiple (often large) datasets. Additional innovation may include application of existing specialist survey techniques at a landscape scale, for example, geochemical pXRF and even canine olfactory surveys, to supplement the more traditional archaeological techniques.

It is hoped that the session will pull together several case studies that together present a statement on the current progress in combining multiple survey methods to predict the potential archaeological significance of land subject to development, and how these results may focus archaeological evaluation and investigation strategies, and provide some signals for future methodological developments.

Send us your submission until September 3, 2021