B. Belge
(Middle East Technical University (METU),Department of City and Regional Planning, TACDAM (Centre for Research and Assessment of Historic Environment), Ankara, Turkey)

The study concentrates on the problems related to the modern development of the historical city center of Izmir (ancient Smyrna) and to the conservation of its archaeological heritage. Until now, only inadequate urban archaeological database (non-spatial data) and inefficient planning tools have been applied to this specific subject. Therefore, developmental operations in Izmir (such as subways, rehabilitation projects and car parking lots), as well as in other modern cities with a strong historical background, threaten the discovery and protection of their archaeological heritage. Thus, the study will concentrate on defining new forms of dynamic Cultural Resource Management (CRM). In the specific, it will define GIS based urban archaeological database and guideline that include financial, administrative and technical tools for the management of the historical center of Izmir. In summary, how the urban archaeological strata could be successfully integrated within the development of a new urban planning process is the main concept of study.