Call for Short Papers

Nadine Alpino1 │ Stephen Stead2
(1DOKU PLUS S.à r.l., Luxembourg | 2Paveprime Ltd., UK)

Keywords: teaching, digital methods, exchange

Every year we see presentations of fantastic results at CHNT which are, besides being traditional research, products of a range of digital techniques. We also see such digital methods becoming popular in spheres like of art and museums. It almost seems like everybody understands how these approaches work: but is that really true?  Have you ever tried to get a definition of a “point cloud” from a cultural heritage professional?
Digital methods are still relatively new in the study of art history and some sub-disciplines of archaeology. So, how do we establish, teach and familiarise people who are as yet far from digital methods with their potential? Where are the sources of introductory material for the uninitiated on the fields of photo- and laser scanning, GIS, 3D-reconstruction and the myriad of other new techniques? How can we deliver an idea of the possibilities or create hand-on workshops that will inspire students and professionals alike?
These and similar questions are the topics for our round table. We hope to discuss, exchange experiences and get an idea of the needs of the students in these disciplines. Most importantly we want to consider how to take this forward, perhaps by starting or joining an existing exchange platform, co-working with special interest groups or building a network of likeminded professionals.

Time extent
180 Minutes

Duration of presentations
Maximum of 10 Minutes

Target group
(future) teachers, students, archaeologists, art historians, historians, members of special interest groups

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