Frederick BAKER
(McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research Cambridge University, UK)

Keywords: Rock Art, Valcamonica, 3D digitisation, animation

The digital difference. Speaking as both an archaeologist and filmmaker, the author asks: What does working digitally bring the methodology of archaeologists working with animators and digital designers on complex material such as Rock Art. What are the dangers of digital for storytelling and visualisation when it comes to preserving the potential otherness of past societies and artists? The discussion will first be based on the case study of the rock art of Valcamonica (Lombardy) and the exhibition “Pitoti – the digital rock art of ancient Europe” shown in Milan and Cambridge and academically curated by the author with Dr Christopher Chippindale and produced with the CCSP Capo di Ponte. Secondly the paper will look at the research process that led to the current on going EU funded digital research project “3D Pitoti”, with is being carried out by the universities of Cambridge, Bauhaus Weimar, Nottingham, TU Graz, FH St Pölten, as well as ArcTron, Archeocamuni and the CC SP, Capo di Ponte.