C. Finn
(Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, Great Britain)

This paper features a nine-minute long installation piece designed as part of an exhibition and installation called ‘Strange Powers: Bog Bodies and Bog Lands’ for Gallery II at the University of Bradford, UK. This paper discusses the various technologies used in this particular presentation – such as the scanning of archive photographs, the adaptation of archaeological science Jpegs as ‘art’, and the use of analogue sound in a digitised format – and raises the problems which occurred when working with technologies which have changed appreciably, and at a different rate, over the last 10 years. The installation was played to an audience on a loop, via DVD and laptop with data projector, but its content is simple; could the same have been achieved with slides and double projector? When communicating archaeology for a popular audience, the author asks if working with cutting-edge media enhances the message, or works against it.