Advanced Archaeological Training

Organizer: Shani ZIV | Talila YEHIEL
(Wandering LTD, Israel)

Location: Kunsthistorische Museum | Meeting Point: will be announced

Mr. Georg Plattner, director of the Antikensammlung, will lead the participants around the Roman Gallery . He will shed a light on unique exhibits that later participants  would integrate into our experimental learning game.

Then, we will introduce the experimental learning approach in-front of one cabinet. The fruit of our brainstorming will be a reservoir of experiential learning activities that can be experienced in the archaeology gallery.

In the third phase participants will deconstract games that were created in the museum by Christina Kral-Börner in a booklet and converted to the digital to enhance learning

When participants will be familiar with the Wandering technology they will add their own activity .

Participants: Curators and interpreters, Education professionals & Marketing team