Call for Short Papers

Chairs: Ulrike HERBIG | Mario SANTANA
(Technical University, Vienna, Austria | University Carleton Engineering and Design, Canada)

This session brings individuals with solid trajectories in planning, developing, and implementing information technologies in monitoring World Heritage Sites.  Multidisciplinary academia, not-for-profit and industry contributors will provide their opinions about how World Heritage Sites can make use of Information technologies to monitor their Outstanding Universal Value.

The group of panelists  also participated in the Our World Heritage´s Transformational Impacts of Information Technology theme, where they have been developing recommendations and a toolkit for monitoring and presentation of WH sites.

Panelist will answer:

•              Opportunities and challenges that information technologies for monitoring the OUV of WH sites
•              Takeaways of pandemics 

Conclusions will be provided at the end by the rapporteurs.

Opening statement about World Heritage: 
Christina CAMERON, Canada
Emeritus Professor, University of Montreal


Haifaa ABDUHALIM, Jordan
World Heritage 4 All, Initiator; WH Expert; Friends of Soqotra, Vice Chair and Trustee
Co-convenor Member, Our World Heritage / Transformational Information Technologies

Joe KALLAS, Lebanon
Project coordinator, Technical Documentation of the Historic Areas of Beirut, Lebanon, ICONEM
Core Team Member, Our World Heritage / Transformational Information Technologies   

Assistant Professor, Penn State University
Core Team Member, Our World Heritage / Transformational Information Technologies

Carmelo IGNACCOLO, USA | Italy
MIT, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Douglas PRITCHARD, Canada
Johns Hopkins University, Senior Research Fellow / Lecturer


Doris GRANDITS, Austria
ICOMOS Austria