Call for Papers

Chairs: Ulrike HERBIG | Bernd PAULOWITZ

Keywords: World Heritage Management, Monitoring, Inventarisation, Monitoring, Planning

The World Heritage Convention, ratified in 1972 is the most significant international instrument adopted by the international community to protect its cultural and natural heritage. In linking together of nature conservation and the preservation of cultural properties it provides a framework for the interaction of people with their natural and cultural heritage for its sustainable conservation. For sites listed on the World Heritage List because of their outstanding universal values, management is required to ensure the conservation of these values over the long term. This management is a challenging task due to the constantly changing framework conditions. New technologies can help to support this framework.

In this session tools and methods can be presented that can be implemented in the manyfold tasks for the management and conservation of world heritage sites. The field of topics in this regard is wide open here some examples:

  • Methods and tools for data collection and inventories
  • Heritage Information Management Systems
  • Monitoring tools and measures for objects, ensembles and cultural landscapes
  • Workflow and communication systems between advisory bodies and authorities
  • Visualization and interpretation tools
  • Planning tools

Send us your submission until September 3, 2021