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17th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies

held in Vienna, Austria November 2012      ISBN 978-3-200-03281-1

Cover [pdf 24 kB]

Imprint [pdf 30 kB]

Karin FISCHER AUSSERER Preface [pdf 27 kB]


The employment of Google Earth in Archaeological Research & CHM

Apostolos SARRIS – Google Earth. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. [pdf 270 kB]



Integrating Old and New Excavations-Materials in One

Andrea AUGENTI | Federica BOSCHI  – Classe (Ravenna): An abandoned town in an urbanized landscape. New research for archaeological heritage protection and territorial planning. [pdf 768 kB]

Menne KOSIAN | Henk WEERTS | Rowin VAN LANEN | Jaap Evert ABRAHAMSE – The City and the River. The early medieval Emporium (trade centre) of Dorestad; integrating physical geography with archaeological data in changing environments. [pdf 3,1 MB]

Orsolya LÁNG – Old data and new results revaluating excavation materials from the Civil Town of Aquincum [pdf 541 kB]

Giuseppe LEPORE | Michele SILANI – Senigallia Urban Archaeological Project: New strategies of research and urban planning [pdf 934 kB]


Archaeology of Buildings

Andrea ARRIGHETTI – Building Archaeology and Seismic Risk: The Mugello survey [pdf 1 MB]

Paulo CHARRUADAS | Philippe SOSNOWSKA – ‘Petrification’ of Brussels architecture. An attempted explanation between construction methods, supply of building
materials and social context (13th-17th centuries) [pdf 1,9 MB]

Gaia LAVORATTI | Antonino MEO – Pietrabuona (Tuscany, Italy).Building archaeology of a border settlement between Lucca and Florence [pdf 1,3 MB]

Irmengard MAYER | Gudrun STYHLER-AYDIN – 3D Laser Measurement as Part of an Integrative Building Survey for the Recording of Built Heritage [pdf 672 kB]

Rossella PANSINI – San Donato Arch in Siena. A contribution to the history of the Roman settlement through building archaeology [pdf 924 kB]

Arnaud SCHENKEL | Nadine WARZÉE – Plans Extraction from Complex Buildings 3D Acquisitions [pdf 1,1 MB]


Archaeology of Human Remains – Burial Archaeology and Forensic Aspects

Denis BOUQUIN | Jean-Pol BEAUTHIER | Germaine DEPIERRE – The dead do not dress: contribution of forensic anthropology experiments to burial practices analysis [pdf 880 kB]

Jay CARVER – London Crossrail: The New Churchyard AD1569 to AD1714. Archaeology investigation and dealing with mass exhumation [pdf 1,5 MB]

Andreas DUERING – Media vita in morte sumus. Different dynamics of the living and dead populations at Bärenthal [pdf 234 kB]

Claudia Maria MELISCH | Jamie SEWELL – The cemetery of St. Peter’s church Berlin/Cölln 1200-1717. Database project [pdf 64 kB]

Thomas POTOTSCHNIG – Searching for a World War II mass grave in Austria [pdf 550 kB]

Apostolos SARRIS | Nikos PAPADOPOULOS – Looking for Graves: Geophysical Prospection of Cemeteries [pdf 1,6 MB]


Ecclesiastical Archaeology

Ingeborg GAISBAUER – St. Peter – one of Viennas eldest churches? A new approach to an old question [pdf 505 kB]

Jackie HALL | Nishad KARIM – Thetford Priory and the Reformation. Old Archaeology and New Science [pdf 1,6 MB]

Claus SCHEIBLAUER | Michael WIMMER – Graph-based Guidance in Huge Point Clouds [pdf 1,3 MB]

Giovanni PANCANI | Marco TOCCHI – The archaeological area of Pieve a Socana (Tuscany – Italy) [pdf 2,5 MB]



Linda DÖRRZAPF | Norman KRATZ | Manfred SCHRENK – LIMES-App. Mobile applications as an opportunity for cultural tourism along the Roman Limes in
Europe [pdf 1,7 MB]

Panagiotis PARTHENIOS – A Conceptual Model of the Main Archaeological Monuments of Crete [pdf 265 kB]

Martina TROGNITZ – EVA – An Expert system for Vases of the Antiquity [pdf 451 MB]


3D Reconstruction before, while and after Excavation

Alessandro BLANCO | Mirco PUCCI – The boiler room of the Small Baths in Hadrian’s villa. Excavation, analysis, preservation [pdf 1,6 MB]

Youcef CHENNAOUI | Francisco JUAN-VIDAL | Filippo FANTINI – Architectural models and urban planning. From Hadrian’s Villa maquette to the amphitheater of Caesarea of Mauretania (Cherchell) [pdf 2 MB]

A. DE SIENA | F. GABELLONE – Discovering ancient Metapontum: Technologies and Methodologies from Past to Present for a virtual Visit Proposal [pdf 1,8 MB]

Peter DORNINGER | Clemens NOTHEGGER – Multipurpose application of digital excavation data [pdf 435 kB]

Peter FERSCHIN | Monika DI ANGELO | Stefan NIEDERMAIR – Projected Time Travel: Architectural Heritage Projection in Situ [pdf 1,6 MB]

Zacarías HERGUIDO ALAMAR | José Leonel LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ – Reverse Modelling and Virtual Reconstruction ProjectLa Blanca, Guatemala 2012 [pdf 1,3 MB]

Anna Margherita JASINK | Panaiotis KRUKLIDIS – Urban and Extra-Urban Cult Buildings in the Aegean World. From the Excavation to the 3D Reconstruction [pdf 1,5 MB]

Alessandro MERLO | Eduardo VENDRELL-VIDAL | Filippo FANTINI | Carlos SÁNCHEZ-BELENGUER – The Mayan mascarón from Chilonché (Petén, Guatemala): New technologies for cultural heritage dissemination [pdf 1,3 MB]

Mieke PFARR-HARFST – Research of Digital Cultural Heritage. Virtual Scientific Models [pdf 557 kB]


Normative Influences on Emergency Excavations

Emil CREANGA | Ruxandra NEMTEANU | Ileana BUDISTEANU – The untapped archaeological potential of Bucharest [pdf 2,6 MB]

Stefan MÄDER – Gone fishing. Preliminary results of a one-man dig within the Roman settlement at Riegel, Krs. Emmendingen, Southern Germany [pdf 1,9 MB]


Subtractive Architectures and Hidden Towns: When Digging and Carving create the Cityscape

Marcello BALZANI | Alessandra TURSI –  Integrated survey in emergency situations: The cave of San Michele Archangel, in the South of Italy, and the documentation in Emilia-Romagna Region, after the earthquake of May 2012 [pdf 2,3 MB]

Sabrina BATINO | Marco CALLIERI | Daniele DURANTI | Matteo DELLEPIANE | Paolo PINGI | Eliana SIOTTO | Roberto SCOPIGNO – Virtual Reconstruction of an Etruscan Tomb [pdf 511 kB]

Stefano COLUMBU | Giovanni GUCCINI – Decay processes and three-dimensional digital modelling for geometricspatial reconstruction of the volcanic stone called “the elephant” of Neolithic “domus de janas” (Sardinia, Italy): Investigation and preliminary data [pdf 2,3 MB]

Carmela CRESCENZI | Giorgio VERDIANI – The CHRIMA project: Investigating the rupestrian architecture in the Mediterranean area [pdf 1,4 MB]



Federica BOSCHI | Francesco BELFIORI | Federica GALAZZI – Senigallia Urban Archaeological Project. Discovery, protection and conservation of a Sanctuary of the first Roman colonists during urban works in progress [pdf 654 kB]

Iulia-Floriana CIANGĂ | Pompei COCEAN – Collections of Vedute Preserving the Historic Heritage of the Transylvanian Cities [pdf 368 kB]

Irina FIERASCU | Romulus DIMA | Radu Claudiu FIERASCU – Natural Extracts for preventing Artefacts Biodeterioration [pdf  387 kB]

Radu Claudiu FIERASCU | Rodica Mariana ION | Irina FIERASCU – Synthesis and characterization of new materials for artefact bioremediation [pdf 453 kB]

Antonella FURNO – Google Street View, special data storage for Building Archaeology The case of Ss. Stefano e Silvestro Church reconstruction, L’Aquila-Italy [pdf 1,3 MB]

Irina GREVTSOVA – How to make urban archaeology understandable? Interpreting the heritage: from the stable panels to the new mobile devices [pdf 870 kB]

Josef GSPURNING – The Roofscape of Graz [pdf 1,6 MB]

Hannes LEHAR – The Roman Hypocaust Heating System. Calculations and thoughts about construction, performance and function [pdf 637 kB]

Alice MICELI | Giulia FESTA | Roberto SENESI | Giuseppe GORINI | Enrico PERELLI CIPPO | Roberta CATTANEO | Carla ANDREANI – On-site Neutron Logging for Cultural Heritage Applications: A Monte Carlo Study [pdf 174 kB]

Andrea PASQUALI | Angela MANCUSO | Giorgio VERDIANI – The “Theseus Tempel” in Wien. Digital results one year after the CHNT 16 measurement seminar. [pdf 8,3 MB]

Maria Serena VINCI | Josep Maria MACIAS | Miquel ORELLANA | Imma TEIXELL – Photographic rectification of the graphic documentation of historical and archaeological heritage: The case of the southern facade of the Praetorium tower in Tarragona (Tarraco, Hispania Citerior). [pdf 1,1 MB]


Poster – Earthquake in Emilia (Italy) 2012

Anna BOSI | Martina MANDIROLA – Emilia earthquake. What do we learn and what we already knew [pdf 7,3 MB]

Andrea BRAGHIROLI – Earthquake in Mirandola: damages on Cultural Heritage. The sense of loss and the will to restart. [pdf 531 kB]

Filippo GIANSANTI | Paolo FORMAGLINI – ID-Entity: the earthquake in Emilia (Italy). A new visual approach to understand the whole heritage from the intangible to the build one in Emilia after the earthquake [pdf 1,9 MB]

Valerio MASSARO | Matteo SCAMPORRINO – Italy and earthquakes. The Emilia case: difficulties of reconstruction [pdf 4,1 MB]